´remove musket or lose players

5+ musket? GL with that :slight_smile:

You can’t get on top of musket camper sitting on rocks either in open world or OPR. You can’t sneak on them, if they target you. Either decrease range as it is hitscan weapon or make it a projectile with dmg decreasing over specified range or make this projectile drop off like arrows from bow. The issue is not with dmg or abilities. It’s range. If you have brain and are decent at shooters you won’t let anyone get close to you with light armor. Ice shower and gravity well is not going to catch muskets in upcomming patch. You’ll be able to just roll out of it. That’s the issue. Stop defending broken mechanic, because you enjoy it…

Yeah exactly so broken, thats why everyone is playing musket. the OP god weapon!

“Oh nooo a bow user just one shot my glass cannon build how could this happen!
i was meant to be the chosen one!”

Just a heads up this is what i want the musket to be not that I think im right. So you can say these changes would be dumb and you might be right.

Fundamentally the musket is a dumb weapon. It was something I thought I would like but hate. In my mind it was going to be a slow firing canon, but now its a weird sniper toy thing.

What musket needs is 1 no zoom but a better ultimate, 2 a better representation of accuracy muskets traditionally were only accurate for 100m give it a max range that is reasonable for engagement make it balanced a viable at closer ranges, 3 feel like a musket, muskets were used over crossbows because they destroyed what they touched in history.

In my mind the musket should have been a slow firing canon with an ultimate skill tree perk that let a hit stagger and allow for a progressive reload. So you can dodge and reload.

Skilled kite gameplay would be like dodging away over 2 rolls hits a big damage attack, staggers target and go back to reload, use a trap(and make traps more of a net to just whip at targets) and line up for another shot. It shouldn’t try to be another bow its a musket. It is slow and should be able to knock players socks of with a hit at a slow fire rate, while having abilities to suppliment it when players get close(stikcy bomb and traps but with better traps).

The 2 problems with musket are the talent tree perks are very stupid. They rely too much on landing headshots making it an aimbotters dream and making it hard to approach for new players unless its used in PVE where it underperforms. The musket should not have the instant reload on dodge or the instant reload after 3 head shots, having perks that ignore armor would be awesome. A musket shouldn’t have to hit constant head shots for damage.

A musket I would use would not have reload gimicks, hit like a heavy arrow with the reload time matching the time to drawback an arrow. Also giving it a more consistent game play style making it easier to tune to match other weapons in performance.

Instead of all the dumb skill tree perks it has it should have armor penetration, the ability to stagger on a normal hit, some better haste perks. Muskets should also be able to hit better damage soft caps at lower investments. Make the int perk with extra element damage available at a lower investment as people build for that perk to slot an element gem, swap it with the 50 int perk no one would care. Mages build a lot of int anyways. Basically make it equal to the bows dps at 300 dex with 200 dex 100 int so slotting 200 con is viable.

Also with these changes just make shooter stance an instant reload ability that instantly reloads a shot at a low CD that gives players a haste. Make trap more of a tossed net type attack.

Anyways I am a dumb bow player who really likes bows. But this is what a musket would have to be for me to want to use it. A musket never felt rewarding to use for me. It shouldn’t be a sniper more of a canon.

I may be way off the mark but in my opinion the current musket is too hard to balance which is why it gets neglected so hard.

Okay so they successfully nerfed the Musket making it more clunkier this most recent patch instead of reworking. Now majority of the remaining Musket playerbase has either quit or swapped to Bow

And let me tell ya, those same guys who wanted it nerfed in this thread are now suffering from oppression vs BOW because of how extremely strong and easy it is to use. Serves ya right! You can’t nerf skill, now you put a stronger weapon in the hands of players who already CAN aim, I’m seeing a TON of OP bow threads lmaooo

dude, get off here lieng lol, this kid is a troll in our guild, he doesnt play cs go, we met him on roblox couple years ago, he likes to exagerate, he did a couple local tournaments for apex, hes not pro lol, and hes not good with musket, weve asked him several times to stop going musket when we que, hes a average GA player, so thats what we prefer him as… Fej bro, get off here lieng and quit embarassing the company, last warning or ur out.

bow was always stronger then musket, it was the bow nerds that arranged the mass forum post that got bow buffed when it wasnt needed… ags realy needs to stop trusting everything on the forums and hire a legit QoL team.

First of all… Who are you and what drugs did you take?
I don’t play CSGO since H1Z1 King of the Kill release, never played Roblox in my life, I played a lot of local tournaments in CSGO, only online in Apex early days, didn’t play musket enough to get to 20lvl, I was FS/IG since release and I already quit playing New World and my company is aware of this :joy: If you even tried to troll, you’re bad at it because most of above is publicly available.

Btw my nickname is fejkb, not Fej. fejk + b. fejk in polish = fake in english, so „fake b”. I’m not Hindi or Arab… I’m from Poland

Fej, last warning or ur not coming to sieges next week.


bow thread is over there man :stuck_out_tongue: they are the one controlling range meta atm

Couldn’t care less. Turning off email notifications. Get some help with your mental health