Сannot enter the game without vpn

I can’t log into the game without a VPN. Games crashes on the start screen. If you turn on VPN, you can go to the menu, turn off VPN and you can go to the server. But if you go to the server without a VPN, the store, the menu for choosing skins and dyeing clothes do not work.

I contacted providers to check ports, checked locally. Everything seems to be fine. I don’t understand what it is.

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I contacted amazon’s support and they told me to escalate the issue on the feedback section as the only viable fix is a VPN atm.

You might try using a different DNS server (e.g. Cloudflare or Google’s instead of you ISP default). VPN connections usually change this to use the VPN server’s DNS setting.

Same here, when the server gets ful I get “lag detected” and can’t move then logg out. Vpn solves that.

i keep finding this topic and none has any reply wow
I have the same issue

Same issue here - didn’t expect to pay a vpn just to play a game.

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