“Lack of gold in the end game complaints”

When will people learn to invest the money they’ve made?


It is rather easy to find a material that people will sell to you for cheap. Then you turn around and sell that item for more.

I make more money doing this than any profession or “money making trick.”

All it takes is 1-2 minutes (or for me much longer) checking in on your favorite flippable item every time you come back to town for a decent amount of coin.

Good luck on Aeturnum!

toddler gamers are used to being handed everything for free in other games so they expect it here too. they want it NOW NOW NOW so they just buy whatever is listed on the market.

same thing on the sell side. some items that are only semi liquid will have consistent pricing around say, 80 cents, and then some idiot comes along and just drops 1000 for 50 cents for the reason of I BET ITLL SELL IN 10 SECONDS AND ILL GET MY MONEY! and then the price just continues to decline because micro brains just keep posting 100 items for 2-3 cent undercuts til it bottoms out at like 15 cents. happens on every market in every game.

savvy people like me can take advantage though and just buy out the cheap stuff and relist it.

most people should be banned from using the market board without a licensed in game advisor making financial decisions for them.

if item flipping is just buying it for cheap in one place and selling it high in another, then people in my server must be to smart for something like that

What if your server struggles to get 200 people and nobody buys anything off the trade post anymore?

This is a non issue ever since outpost rush

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When will economy minded players learn that if everyone uses their strategies they are so convinced are simple, those strategies will not work for anyone any more. Gathering can’t make money. Crafting can’t make money. Grinding mobs can’t make money but if we all use buy orders and flip the trading post all day we will be rich? People have legitimate complaints and if they don’t find a way to make any gold then you won’t have any mats to flip.

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That statement is false however. Mobs do generate gold.

Outpost rush doesn’t give that much gold.

Lol you know that’s simply not true. How much gold per hour can you make grinding mobs? 100? 500? Please tell me about this great gold making mob you found and I will go test it now?

The quantity doesn’t matter. Nowhere did I state you’ld become rich. But slacking off, is still roughly 100 gold per hour.

Seeing as to how even on a poorly populated server there are still often 200+ people logged in for a timeframe of at least 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, that equates to 24 x 200 x 100 = 480k generated gold. On a max pop server, around 4.8m. Per weekend.

There is influx of gold. Yes, some people waste it as fast as they get it, but definitely not all.

Okay so you admit that earnigh 100 gold an hour keeps you poor. Taxes crafting costs tradepost fees and repairs eat that up. Why fight over this part of my post. We agree that mobs won’t make you enough money to afford your overpriced mats. My post was about how if everyone resorts to flipping mats on the tradepost that method won’t work for anyone. Let’s talk about that now that we agree that gold from mobs is not enough gold.

my server have 50 people in it , how do u think our market works ? XD

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Meanwhile, Runic leather is worth 30 gold on my server.

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