🌟 Low on Az? Anyone need some Azorth? Never worry about travel costs again

Don’t worry! Just find someone who can dupe it. My only goal here is to get AGS’s attention on this matter, however that may happen.



We can’t.

AGS > Bethesda > EA > and everything else

Even No Mans Sky seems now a little walk in the park!


I’ve been a supporter of this game in amongst all the doom and gloom merchants and naysayers

That 1 image really does change things!!
All my hard work and planning to keep afloat of the way things work in this game, and along comes the dupes that make it all a mockery
Oh well, its still a fun harvesting simulator.


Seconded, Thirded, Fourthed, Fifthed, etc, etc. etc.

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at this point we need some posts on how to dupe since it’s clearly just a feature



And here’s me struggling to afford my 1st house…


They will no doubt get around to banning everyone who uses such an obvious exploit.

I’d suggest rather than banning them outright:

strip them of all progress, back to level 1, no gear, no professions progress and remove their houses and money and all storage and tell them to have a nice day:-)


The last year of patch notes and the current inaction towards exploits have solidified that legitimate competition is not a high priority for the team.

I get angry responses every time I point this out, but this game is great for people looking to enjoy a relaxing/chill experience, and terrible for anyone who takes it seriously.


If I believed in that, I would try it. But I’m a poor azother sitting at abot 120. Lol

This tbf, I’m finding myself more and more not worrying about anyone else and just going about doing my own thing.

I feel like I’m playing a solo mmorpg and look how well that turned out for SWTOR.

Is it weird I’m not really a fan of this “pvp” that people are raving about?


People need to massively leave the game so AGS will wake up. This really making people lose motivation to play the game.

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Erm the thing is they already got the money. This is book seller mentality we are talking about.

i bought this game due to interest in crafting and buying/selling for a profit - and - to play with my friends.

AGS claims they fix the transfer bug yet my S/O is still stuck on a dead server with me, alone.
Dupe bugs have ruined any buying/selling opportunities, what’s the point.

Seriously disappointed, the gameplay experience is ruined. And that’s just two things, wont list them all you know what they are. Sigh.

There’s absolutely no proof to this image, yet you lot are getting yourselves worked up over it. It’s super easy to simulate these things on the client side, but they’re never materialised or are real items that exist in the world, it’s just a visual representation.

There’s a video that proves this image. Go look on reddit.

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Waaaw… some people never struggle heh xD