๐ŸŒŸ Low on Az? Anyone need some Azorth? Never worry about travel costs again


Thank you, Iโ€™ve surfaced it.


any chances we can get a new server? a server without dupes? i would gladly leave my current char behind and start over in a server where there are no dupes , no server transfers allowed and no governous can withdraw money from territories to sell the currency for IRL gold. Please make it happen


I donโ€™t see how anyone doing such obvious exploiting could get away with it.

Usually, all gold and item movement are recorded by the game. I can see AGS quite easily sort out everyone that got +50k (arbitrary number) gold increase over 24hour and ban them. Same for obnoxious amount of ressources.

We will see of they react, but those dupes are bans waiting to happen.

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If AGS has shown anything, itโ€™s that they keep well indexโ€™d logs.

The game is screwed royally. For an MMO that is economy focused, itโ€™s done. I highly doubt much of anyone will be playing after December. They need to double down on these problems than open up brand new servers with no transfers allowed.

Even if they punish those players, the damage is already done a lot of duped stuff has already been injected into the economy, the games integrity is destroyed and canโ€™t be repaired at this point. And this is just one of many exploits currently in the game. It will take them months to fix this and i doubt the exploiting will end there. Many more new exploits will appear each week. After 431 hrs i think i quit or at least take a long break.


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I just canโ€™t bring myself to level up another char, too much time and mindnumbing grinding :expressionless: Guess itโ€™s game over for me

What do you suppose the naysayers have been talking about for a while now?

You saw that image just now, but most of us saw that days or a week ago. Things really are THAT bad.

All my work means nothing, and I donโ€™t see a way out, other than a wipe. And itโ€™s been so long since this exploit was public, all those exploited funds and materials are so diluted over the servers.

You canโ€™t ever put this toothpaste back in the tube.

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It was like this second server transfers came out, why u play to enjoy it not be a top player.

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Ya but they could have gotten much more through the shop if they could maintain a player base. Itโ€™s the monetization method they chose over subscription to keep the game running. Iโ€™m not even convinced this project has been a positive net revenue stream for the company. Even if it was at launch, Iโ€™d bet my lunch their current daily op costs are higher than what they bring in from the shop. In this scenario the best option from a business standpoint is to just shut it down.

i love me some azorth

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