🎯 How to Homerun New World & bring people back

Hiya New World Devs,

I love all the new features coming down the line.

If you want to go from an “ok/good” game to a great game. Add these features below.

Company Group

  1. Ledger - To know who contributed what
  2. Bank - Swapping Items made easier
  3. Achievements - Unlock rewards like adding bonuses/drops for working together. Much like Lost Ark does.

Team/quest Group

  1. Sharing Quests - PVE or PVP quest.
  2. More Cut scenes to make Key moments in the story more memorable
  3. Fix Audio on NPCs that only read a line or a few words. Awkward.
  4. Armor Sets - Save & Swap entire set of PVE/PVP Gear on
  5. Crafting Sets - Save & Swap entire set of Mining/etc gear on
  6. Cosmetic Sets - Save & Swap entire outfits sets

PVP Group

  1. Stun/rooted/etc… immunity after first stun for a few seconds - It will help with the constant stun-lock that makes PVP less fun from skills like gravity well, Stuns/Slows, etc…
  2. Better balance & counters to skills between wep sets.
  3. Fix Lag! Can cost the battle when you lag out and can’t heal/move.

The game would be so much more enjoyable with these features. Much :heart::call_me_hand:


I think adding cutscenes is a HUGE addition to making a game feel super polished and alive.

Its crazy they have awesome cutscenes in the tutorial for the game, and then no where else. Like how can you start with that, and not have a single cutscene later on… Its what made WoW feel so alive and have memoriable characters that you care about. I cannot name a single NPC from New World…


I personally don’t like CC diminishing returns. Currently the Issue is not actually stuns. Its a combo of Stun > root > KD > Stun. It takes coordination and It is a Good thing for the game and one of a few ways to take out healers. How ever I’d Like to see a player made cleansing potion on a long cool down available out side of wars.

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