🏹 OPR Bow PvP scenario

It should just be a big missile that is fired from the bow, with heatseeking so it can curve around walls and trees etc


Dev, please note it <3

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Fk it. Give em an apachi helicopter with heat seeking missles.

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Is it the same seeking module that melee has and activates autotracking? Would be nice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hitbox for bow is stupid big, thats what makes all you shitters hit people and think youre good lol

Exactly that makes me feel better, you got me. Wonder how you gonna react after patch when one of ours most important skill gets bigger hitbox (yes, others attacks hitboxes are decreased)

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People keep complaining on forums and 30/40 players have bows in an opr. Enjoy the incoming nerf

My data is more actual, 34 bows avg per OPR. It starts growing everyday, how to stop it! It scares me

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Very good aim. The man plays well. But what is not interesting in most of these selections, or rather highlites of 30 different OPRs, is that often recorded battles with noobs and after a while it ceases to be interesting. I noticed only two opponents in the entire video who drank only 1 health regeneration potion… But the combination of spear + bow player performs very well. Great video to demonstrate the aim, but look for more serious opponents, then it gets really interesting. I wish you success!

Bow is a problem in OPR yes… if you have the team with 18 Bows you will lose. AGS should implement a check… that you will have 5 range, 5 heals and 10 meele players per team.


You are right and pointed one important thing I noticed. People on forum complaints a lot but as you have noticed not many of them use even basics so lemme just copy-paste my post from another topic as an answer to you.

Most people do not even use consumes and cry. Min/max always use stat food, honing stones and azoth essences for additional opr food - it’s huge advantage… At the beginning of OPR most people pass wolves and do not bother with them when min/max player kills it first, gets essences and buys opr food. Honestly getting kills is much easier with melee, many of them just stands in the heal bubble at point and you get kills via cleave and burning cds or ambush backstabs - the last one, ambush has some kind of tactic and skill gap but the first is just LBM clownfiesta and nothing else and that’s how majority of melee plays and still gets satisfying results. LBM sticks my victim to melee weapon, killing people with melee build never was easier.
Most melees have no idea how to beheave when they encounter range in melee of 20-30 meters - they just run straight in the line trying to desperately reach you making them so vulnerable. You can recognize skilled player within 15 seconds via looking at his behaviour, movement and that’s what makes difference and makes second one harder to hit. Not mention they do not rush things sometimes like a zombie which just follow human’s trying to eat their brains. They sneak and ambush you from behind. People watch yt guide, meta video, choose top of the list and that’s all, they think they are already min/maxers and if sth goes wrong they blame other builds, everything around but not their gameplay.
We are playing in era of min/max where so many guides, datas are available but actually minority pushes it to the limits and invest time to know all mechanics, enemies skills, cons and pros.

“Bow is a problem in OPR yes… if you have the team with 18 Bows you will lose.” Hahahah yea, really you right, that’s funny =)

Made my day but you risk your life here saying bow is not danger for current harmony of new world. Lmao, what a brave man

Oh yes, I agree with you. I, too, will attach my post from the other thread to respond to you.

"Agree. But in the current realities, it would make sense to just fix the melee weapons. So that there would be no pull to the target from 3 meters away, so that melee players would finally have to aim at the enemy instead of just clicking LBM. It seems like piece of shit now kekw.

Already they’ve even added a slow from every melee of attack and a reduction of the dodge distance for a certain Billy to come into the game and beat everyone with a greatsword. Enough, we’ve played, we’ve enjoyed the thrashing, it’s time to fix it."

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About more vids I hope in the future. I entered OPR like two weeks ago. Playing NW since month after a long break and had to farm gold for most of bis pieces but still missing a few or few are not absolute bises r8 now.

Can’t wait for the next Patch nefring hitbox.
Archers got “good AIM” ye ye sure :rofl:


Hitting with explosive shot will be easier - one of skills that is most important. Light attacks, etc will be harder for sure but gonna play anyway, I was running with bow since beta and in every game my prio weapon was:

Daggers ( as we know there is no daggers currently)
Bow - choice was simple

I think it will work out for you =)

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Thanks for warming my soul right before loudly announced patch that people call archers extermination.

Our LBM melee champs forgot one thing.
If they gonna still run in straight line - nothing’s gonna change :frowning: