🏹 OPR Bow PvP scenario

I can’t wait for the patch but not because I think it will kill bow. But because the FOTM shitters will cry that it’s a dead weapon because it received any nerf at all. Then only the good bows will remain who are actually more fun to fight against. When there is 10+ bows on enemy team who only plink from far away then pull out rapier and run across map if you get within 20m of them, it’s boring af.

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Only true Legolas sons will stay :goat:
Burst combos if bow plays well is based often on hvy attack+cds. Explosive will be fixed in positive way, light attacks will be harder to hit.
I have good feelings.

Only if enemy has good comp. If you have 12 bows, enemy has 12 bows game for rest is unplayable xd

still think 0.15 for light attack on PTR is a big nerf, maybe AGS should reconsider it.

Code in this game changes often than weather. I am tried to not participate often in feedback battles between ranges, melees and LBM champs buddy but melees right now felt the blood and are kinda out of control with more and more demands.