๐Ÿ‘˜ Store Skins mega feedback!

Dear @ModeratorZ / @Community-Team,

The community has spoken.
We are not liking the direction the store skins are going.
We are here because we love the game.
Please allow us to sustain the game financially.

Below you will find links with all the feedback you need:
Please make sure that this feedback reach back to the devs.

New World Armor Catalog :fire: โ† Please check NW Armor Catalog. All credits @Transmog & NW Community
Ideas, Suggestions, & Things To Discuss โ† Very good and clear feedback. All credits to @Genzong
New World Transmog 3D
The BRUTAL Truth about New Worldโ€™s Future ! โ† really good video that explain what NW need and where is going now.(Watch all his videos of New World, this guy have a good understanding of what the game need). All credits to @Jiggyspice

Transmog feedback
Transmog System - Interfaces - NPC - integrated Dyes โ† I found this near perfection UI design for transmog. Please check it out. All credits @VeNoMz
Add Transmogs to the Game!

Store skins feedback
Official forums
No FEMALE VERSION of skins in the store again?
Why are there no great helm/hood skins in New World?
Instore Prices Seem Very Steep
About the Skin packs in store
New World x The Rings of Power
Skin do cavaleiro alado 100% bugada
Still no bow skin
AGS, consider making different variations of armor skins
Feminine skins please! :fire:
Skin design feedback
Seriously what is with New World and jester/clown skins?
Prime gaming holy vanguard
We need New World type skins, no more clownsuits
Yet another gripe about skins
Poor design skins
Warframe store skins
New Winter Convergence store costume
Love the game but your skins for sale especially winter events are utterly terrible
What are these skins
Request realistic greatsword skin
Why do your store skins look like clowns
Ugliest armor skin designs of all mmo history
Add more down to earth armor skins in the shop
Random reminder that the store skins are really bad
Armor paid skins are bad and need drastic change
Better skins would be nice
Yooo These store skins, what?
When will you make more feminine store skins?
Need more skins designed for female character models
The store skins are very basic , boring and incomplete
Artifical Games Studios: Cash-shop skins no human could love
Colonial themed skins so ugly
The new store skins are embarrassing
Bravo AGS! New Store Armor skins for June are a hit!
Stop releasing fruity skins! instead
Suggestion - put ordinary armour skins into the shop
The Store Skins are terrible
Skins and all we could be
Please improve the store skin designs
Skins without breast pockets
Female Skins (not top priority like fixing bugs, but cmon)
Request: REALISTIC Greatsword skin!
AMAZON Please release a normal great sword skin
Once again requesting a simple Greatsword skin
About skins the need a change
We need โ€œNew Wordโ€ type skins. no more clownsuits
The worst paid skins since release?
Can we get some skins that arenโ€™t so bright/flashy?
Feminine skins and character customization
Seriously whatโ€™s up with all the spikes on the armor skins?
Shop skins weapons and armours
Cosmetics look terrible
Stop designing shitty premium skinsโ€ฆ please
How Many More Skin/Style Threads We Have To Create For You To Take Us Seriously?
Why are the best skins coming out of Twitch and Prime Gaming?
Cash shop Skin no beautiful
Store items 08.feb

Bethesda Beating AGS at There Own Game
AGS cant even upload the azure dragon skin correctly
Finally! A Good-looking skin! โ† I not agree with the initial post but you can find feedback in comments also.
New player question regarding cosmetics
Will we ever get skins for quivers/arrows? โ† New type of skin request
Someone lied in resume when applying for a job in a design team or bad looking skins is just a theme for new world
Dear AGS, please let me spend money.
Would you guys like skins like these?
Open Letter to AGS Regarding their Skins
my contribution to the discussion. iโ€™d pay for a hunter-style skin
Surely The New Skins Look Better With High Video Settings And Proper Lighting/Staging

No more FUGLY SKINS please New World! โ† Really good video. this guy deserve more views.
New World These Skin Packs Are Getting WORSE!! AGS Lets Talk!! You Can Do Better!!!
New World Winter Skin Showcase - But WHY?


I agree with you. lol. However, I will not buy anymore skins. I worked so hard to save to purchase the winter skin package that came with snow angel mote during Turkulon. So yesterday I went to purchase it and they removed it. WHY? Its winter? I was so mad I will never purchase another skin again. LOLโ€ฆ :frowning:


I wrote multiple posts about how poor the skins really , I just canโ€™t understand why wouldnโ€™t you hire a new designer or just take different path for the skins , it is clear to any sane person that the community doesnโ€™t like almost most of the game skins , I know you find this guy or two that say โ€œoh man the skins are perfectly made and very detailedโ€ I saw them lol , detailed armor will not do anything if the final armor looks dogshit , simple as that , people have been talking about skins for quite a while and they keep ignoring it and releasing even worse skins lol


I know. That is why I try to gather all the feedback I found and present them here. But for some reason the moderatos ignore these posts. I would think this is more important to them because is the main money maker but it seems itโ€™s not.


I havent bought a single skin from the store. I checked it out but everything looks really bad, and doesnt fit my personality - hyper feminine. I just want to run around in a short skirt and a nice top with my gigantic Great Sword.

Or something like this


โ€œBest I can do is thisโ€


I want customize character like in the first picture, but we have this:
How is the design team not laughing when they do this?


Unfortunately itโ€™s 2022 and politics has also entered gaming.
Left look amazing.


Someone showed that Artificial Intelligence generated could design the skins better.


whoโ€™s ready for New World, got my skin.


Dont lie, New World skins doesnt look this good.


Your right, your rightโ€ฆ I need a masked singer image that ONLY uses Easter colors in the outfits.

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awesome post


Still no dev response :frowning:

Add this video to your list :wink:


I had a really good laught! Nice video!

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I hope the designers understand that this is purely meant to be constructive, but I could never see myself buying 99% of the shop skins. Give me low fantasy, not homemade Halloween costumes. In any other game, the current trend of designs might fit, but not in this one.


Oh they definitely are. And youโ€™re still buying skins XD
Theyโ€™re probably trying to oneup each other with the most ugly skins to see which one gets still the most sales XDD


AHAHAH THAT actually looks good XDDD


I want this!