💥 Portals & Loot

When a area has a Invasion coming, there is a bar on top.
Once you fill up the bar by clearing portals a massive Corrupted Fortress will spawn.
2 Gate Lords in front of a destructible gate.
Enter the fortress it has a tower left and right and a palace back mid
the palace has a corrupted seal blocking you from entering.
Destroy the 2 towers to remove the seal.
Enter the Palace kill the boss destroy the fortress.
Reward Fortress Cache 6 rolls on loot and 500 gold
to upgrade your Azoth Staff speed includes skin unlock

Just something I came up with in 5 minutes.


Or if all the portals are open, after a certain time, an invasion arrives. How long should this be? that’s AGS’s job.

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Thank you so much for your Feedback. We will make sure this gets sent up to the Development Team to evaluate.


Didn’t read all, but I would like to see some really rare and Special Housing Items - only obtainable at Portals. Maybe a really special one just at Great Portals :wink:

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I mean why not tokens that can work towards getting good loot/gear from a vendor so players can literally feel like no matter what they are doing they are doing something useful?

Not a new concept and prevents the horrible RNG gear grind this game suffers from.

Many players who quit have no intention of coming back because the lottery gear system with no real reliable reward track for BiS is concerning. No offense , but this has been old news for like 2 years even in alphas this was spotted as a big pain point.


I’d also like to add, why is it only Corrupted that can open portals. (I admittedly did not READ all the posts in this thread, sorry if someone already added this).

Why can’t Angry Earth, expose a portal in Shattered Mountain?

Maybe Angry Earth spread out from Edengrove into Monarch’s Bluff to claim the area for Angry Earth.

In fact to go along with the fact that factions can own a territory why can’t monster factions own territory and have specific affects take effect while they do. For example, if the Corrupted took over Restless Shores, the Depths expedition would be harder or have an additional effect within a Mutation. If Angry Earth took over Restless Shores maybe the Depths becomes something similar to Genesis. (Obviously, these would be long term goals)

In the interim, improving loot from the portals would be amazing, ward gear, bane gear, 66+ portals would provide gear 550+.

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It depends on what you’re saying exactly. If you mean the rewards stay the same for solo players as they are now, but increase for more players, sure. No problem there.
But if you’re saying the rewards should be reduced for solo players from what they currently are, then you’re stripping solo. It may be just me, but I’m unclear on which you’re proposing.

This seems an oddly personal remark to add to what is otherwise an interesting proposal. If I’m soloing a portal meant for five, why should I only get crap gear? Shouldn’t reward be commensurate with skill and risk?

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Totally agree! I have been working so hard to be able to solo a minor corruption breach since I saw someone do it on youtube. Soloing should get bigger drops! But at the same time EVERYONE should get bigger rewards. I would like to get a cosmetic award, like something that I can add to my armor to make it glow! Even if it is a super rare drop. Something new to work for. :hugs: :star2:

Wait until you’re soloing major breaches! Now that’s excitement. The one with the three towers you have to break gets crazy.
You can get mobbed by twenty enemies at once and there’s nothing like the chik-chik-boom of your blunderbus and the howling of corrupted entities and fireballs flying every which way and you’re dodging and shooting and trying to get in a health potion… it’s epic. And very doable. Just keep levelling your toon and weapons and figuring out a build that works for you.
You’ll love it, and you’ll be doing breaches every day just for the thrill.

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Can’t wait to solo a major!!!

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If you can solo a at level portal, yes, I agree you should get great gear but if you can solo a level 55 or above portal alone, you have skillz way above most and LMMFAO no gear should be worth a DAMN at that skill level, even the perks hahahahahahahaha. But most can solo 45 and under portals w/out even using a potion. These tbh were the ones I was referring to. Soloing 45 and under portals at level 60 shouldn’t net you great stuff, but take for example, you’re grouped up with 2 level…hell I dunno, 30’s and other 2 is max level ‘boosting’ them, the gear should be gear level appropriate with the same loot chance I thought of. (Yes I know, that’s “cheesing” the portal idea but everyone reading this just KNOWS that would happen but it does still encourage at least some to group up to help “my company member/homie/home girl” get some decent stuff"

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Everyone needs gold… getting 3.80 gold is a bit of a joke for a lvl 65 portal. Better gear is nice, but having something new and special would be even better. They should also drop shards. :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :+1:


Neat idea, this and others. The Corrupted breach system was fine when the game was brand new, but now it needs some attention, and there are SO many creative things they could do to make it its own little specialized activity rather than the silly sideshow it is right now. I mean we ARE at WAR with the corrupted, so make it something interesting and core to the game. I like that there have been official responses to this. I hope it prompts them to do something cool.

You used to break portals to get azoth, nowadays it’s clearly not necessary.

we should be a war between each faction and between corrupted lost and angry earth.
but its only corrupted portals and its a shame.

soo much more intresting stuff could be done with the other two.

ghost ships randomly spawning,

angry earth have their own portal style. could be as simple as a tree sprouting a portal in a random spot.

beast dont count.

Rewards for portals in general are lackluster. This should be obvious by the small percentage of people who do them despite them being a major part of the current story arch. With the removal of tuning orbs the value of the portal rewards has diminished greatly.

  • Portal Caches should provide gold at rate of the level x 1g with a x3 multiplier for the majors.
    • So a 66 minor portal would be worth 33g and a major would be worth 99g.
    • So a 25 minor would be worth 12.5g and a major 37.5g
  • Halve portal gold rewards after your first 10 portals each day.
  • Make portals all guaranteed to drop a gypsum per close regardless of minor or major.
  • Increase the number of gypsum from portals to 10 per day.
  • Reduce the necessary gypsum per orb to 5 per day.
  • Diversify the types of portals either by zone or globally. Create versions for each creature type and each invasion should mirror a theme with the type of portals that spawned. So some invasions might be the corrupted but some might be a different creature type.
  • Different invasions and portals should have unique loot pools with special skins and item perk pools associated with those ‘factoins’. Something like the way the replicas worked pre patch.

What’s frustrating about portals is if you’re trying to grind shards solo, not every box you open has shards in them. Portals feel like the biggest waste of time. The darkness events that are actually named “Corrupted Portal” takes absolutely forever as a solo or duo. Not to mention the corrupted portal are the ones that spawn the priests that just float away to the point you ‘leave the area’.

They’d be a lot less bothersome if they gave more territory rep and guaranteed shards/fragments.

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