🟡🎯TOᑭ ᗰᑌᔕKET ᑭᒪAYEᖇ🎯🟡YGG Drops

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Imagine how shitty forums would be if every streamer comes and post the same shit


tell me about it.

alsways nice to see some real plays not only cuts …

Yeah i see people throw their best plays on vod and its like cool but are you consistently doing that though. Thats if you stopped by that stream peaked at 205 viewers at one point

Be real nice if you stopped spamming your shitty stream. Literally in zero wars. Never seen in opr. Like just stop.

Just transfered here from el dorado about two weeks ago. There’s no point in wars really. I did that grind before. Ill be on from 8am to 12ish maybe longer.

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