[03.11.2021 EU Server: Iroko] Lost treasury coins after maintenance

Good time of day. After today’s technical work, I had a loss of coins from the treasury of the guild. This also happened 3 days ago, when we were stuffing influence, and as soon as we stuffed it, the coins disappeared again. Please deal with this, as people are already afraid to throw something into the treasury of the guild, knowing that the loss will happen again.

Before the technical work, there were about 8,000 gold in the guild treasury and second 7.000

Guild: ArtofBlood II
Server: Iroko

Have a nice day

Have you looked into your consols? Despite you setting a daily limit it doesn’t apply to your consols and they can withdraw whatever they like

After first a lost money, they can withdraw only 100 gold in day and I have just 2 people, who can withdraw…

I every day controlling


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