1 in 6 chance to get a 600 gear score engineering tool

Hope nobody else makes the mistake I did of attempting to actually craft 600 gear score tool, because I made 10 crafts of attempts at axes/pick axes for just 1 600 gear score tool to get some extra motes.

Not a single one of the ten crafts was legendary despite this being in theory a 1 in 6 chance to get 600. 10 crafts with a 1 in 6 chance, by pure probability I should have gotten at least 1.

Every single one of these tools is useless because people will only want to use and buy 600 gear score tools from this point on.

160 asmodeum, 16 days of crafting and countless hour wasted mining orichalcum to get the 8000 ingots you need to craft the equivalent of 160 asmodeum. All down the toilet in five minutes of crating.

Very rewarding game. (edit 3 rolled with durable as the ultimate insult. Why is this useless perk still in the game?)

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You knew what you were getting into

I crafted 15 hatchets with the PvP-only backstab perk. No legendaries.

This is a big part of how AGS gates the game. I doubt each level of gearscore is weighted the same in the probability when the game is making its decision.

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Yeah, now imagine people thinking the crafting in this game is completely fine and not a gambling simulator.


Thank you for sharing this. Now I know to continue to forget about crafting and just sell mats and buy.


It would appear that both the Legendary Tools and Legendary Bags are bugged. Currently, they are not attributing the special perks when rolling 600 GS - mote alignment for tools, lasting consumption on bags.

Now the thing is, this may be the only time you will ever be able to craft a 600 GS legendary tool with 5 perks not including a Alignment perk. You could potentially roll a Luck, Yield, Efficiency, Discipline, Alacrity tool which may be considered better than having a random Mote Alignment perk. Not to mention that these will be unique in this sense.

I am curious to know what other gatherer’s think about this. Would you rather have a 5 perk tool without Mote Alignment or would you rather have 4 of the current perks + 1 random Mote Alignment Perk on your 600 GS Tool?

1/6 chance isnt a guarantee to get a legendary


I gave up crafting awhile ago. Only thing im gonna craft with will be the golden scarabs and only pieces i need… at least at that point even if it doesnt roll legendary itll still be decently sellable… i mostly just hoard mats for a couple weeks then offload it all. I generally get 300k a month doing that… plus other random $ generation. I made and soent 1.5m while rolling firestaff awhile ago and ive still got about 100 im trying to sell that wont even be close to the cost it took to make them rofl.

Out of 200 i did get 6 that were keen/vicious/fireball - about 80 that were absolute trash - and about 100 that were fireball/keen(vicious, or another decent perk) but theyre all only about 2k on my server… wonderful wonderful trade off there.

Rolled 50 hatchets to get 1 BIS. Only got about 15 sellable 2perker. 3 or 4 other legendary that still arent selling and about 30ish absolute trash

I would rather not have the mote perk but get the other perks, the amount you get from the mote perk is quite small. Unless you have all 5 tools getting the same mote.
With that said, Azoth is also quite easy to get to full
So when they increase the upper cap limit, it would be better.

Crafted 18 great swords. 1 legendary.

I too knew what I was getting into…

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Crafting is a scam and has been since day one.

It really makes me thank the people who are willing to play the losers lottery constantly and maybe eventually come up with a winner.

This is a mobile game. Cooldowns on crafting mats, cooldowns on crafting stopwatches, gotta have 3 houses, 3 trophies, food, gear, town buff, and still roll 99.99% trash.

It would be great if the entire community came together and just stopped crafting. Show AGS we are done playing their terrible lottery mobile game.

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If you feel it’s a scam then just do not do it and buy the ready made from the auction.
There are people who are still willing to craft and can get higher prices for the items they make.

Else if everyone just craft then there are no market on the auction house. We take the lousy bet on crafting so just reward us…

its bugged at the moment. if you use a craft mod it wont roll legendary. put in a trouble ticket and try and get your mats back.
but even if you did roll legendary it wont have the attunement perk. so its bugged 2X

I crafted legendary this patch,
Just that if you add perk then you will not get the new perk
Have to be all random perks and get legendary to get motes

Azoth crap on every single tool i crafted …total waste of mats

Now imagine, that crafted items would be worthless if you make it easier. So again craft will be dead xd Vicious circle in every MMO. I played one MMO where they made crafting absurdly easy ( dont remember title) many people were crafting hundreds of perfect items and they price hit the ground in 2 weeks. The funniest posts which I read were from people who bought thousands, hundredthousanss of mats before update and they lost everything xd

How did they get nothing back? If they only want the new perk they would be disappointed but they did get the old perks on legendary or epic which is still better than what they have now.

It’s a mindset problem. .

I am not saying that there is no bug nor defending AGS. I am saying to take a step back and relax, have a drink. . You still had a chance to get good items and maybe even BIS. Just not the perk you were expecting. I think the new mote perk is over-rated. Even the testers in PTR said so. But it would be a good gesture for AGS to give some materials back in appreciation of the mistake. Example: half the materials for each bag or tools you crafted that had chance of 600.

hello i know how you feel, don’t craft anymore this game is full rng, and your account might be cursed like mine. i have done the exact same with bows ( 60 craft 0 legendary ) ive tried with musket. 155 craft 10 legendary, i tried blunderbuss more than 80 craft i had only 2 legendary , while ppl i know put up 10 craft 10 legendary . that’s dumb as fuck cuz all the wasted mats could give me a full stuff of 2 different classes.

10 crafts with a 1 in 6 chance, by pure probability I should have gotten at least 1.

That’s not how it works. That’s like saying if you roll a die 6 times, every number is guaranteed to show up once.

The odds of rolling 10 and not getting a legendary is (5/6)^10 = 16.1%

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Thats fine, I can tell you that the majority of people who bought this game were not expecting to be playing crafting/gambling simulator for the best gear…

Realistically thats something you get from a raid.

So I say burn it all down ( crafting ) fix it, make it easy to make “BIS” and give players the option to get even better gear from PvE raids and PvP modes.

You now have a working MMO endgame. You are welcome.