1 name per Game and not 1 name per World Set?

Names are Unique to this game and not specific to Worlds? I guess I can understand being specific to Worlds but you would think If I was on a different World Set - assuming the name is open, I’d be able to use the same Alias.

This is a MAJOR flaw, and very unfortunate. If I wanted to make an alt under a different World Set to play with a friend, I’m put into the spot of either of these options

A) Either one of us deleting their character and starting fresh with said name on the other persons World
B) Neither of us doing anything and not playing together
C) Either on of us making an “Alt” with a different name
D) One of us server transferring (if it’s available)

Yikes across the board. This doesn’t seem very MMOish - if the reply is in regards to server merges, obviously you have World Sets that would squash that. 1 name per World Set instead of 1 name per World would fix that.

1 name per GAME is not the answer.

I kinda disagree here.
Its nice u dont constantly see ppl named after their favorite streamer or using the same generic names.
It also helps that they allow spaces in names, so if u want an alt on another server with a friend, then pick a common sir name or something like that.

This also makes it alot easier in case someone wants to transferrer to another server later

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The game is broken up by Worlds (Servers) and then World Sets (Groups of Servers) and then Regions

I understand not allowing for the same multiple name within each World. But You can’t even use the same name on a different World Set.

In your case there is only ONE (1) Parsec in New World, it doesn’t matter what World, World Set, or even Region you’re in. There can only be one. (Insert movie title here)

It’s kind of a slap in the face. I’m going to use Asmongold on here… you know what his name is…? Asmongoldx. The actual streamer doesn’t have his own name because someone logged in before him. That takes away from peoples “online identity”.

Be gentle, don’t crucify me for my example. Please.

I don’t watch these streamers myself but i heard someone say that he had like 100k ppl watching him sit in queue, so lets assume he has a viewer base of 100.000 people. so what are the odds that he will get his name on any server? :smiley:

In regards to me being the only Parsec in the whole of New world then i honestly really love it.
I was so hyped when i managed to claim it and now i dont have to worry about fake Parsec’s hiding in my shadow!

I will give you one thing though. Each name could be locked to a region instead of the whole game. but that’s as far as im willing to go! (i can live with 5 other Parsec’s in the new world)

LOL - fair enough. I wish it was locked to a set of World Sets personally but who knows.

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