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Hey everyone :slight_smile: I wanted to ask a quick question.
So I read the character transfer forum and one part caught my eye.

From the forum post…
You can move your character to any world in your region, except:
You cannot move your character to a full world.
You cannot move your character to a world in maintenance.
You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

Does this mean I can not transfer my main account that is on region US East to another region US West?

The main issue I’m worried about is my user name and the levels and items I have. I have been leveling this character up for some time and if I have to start over I’ll be really sad but what can I do? Right?
Does anyone know the answer to this question? Cause I’d like to know what my next plan is if I can’t.


A world set is a collection of servers within a region that are grouped. I’m not sure what that the purpose of the groupings are, but checkout the link below. If you click the header of the “World Set” column you’ll see that generally 6-7 servers in a “World Set”

In this example if you have a character on Britannula and another Character on Dalim the following would be true:

  • You could not transfer the character from Dalim to any of the Arkadia Alto world set servers because you have an existing character on Britannula.
  • You can have more than one character on US East Servers, but the two characters must exist on servers that are members of different world sets.


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According to AGS, we will not be able to transfer from East Coast to West Coast or vice versa unfortunately.

Damn. Ok thanks so much.

ya sorry for the news. I was on the east with my company and honestly I really want to go back to west. Currently level 45 and I would rather be on west.

Yea it sucks :frowning: I got my friends on West and I’m level 30 and a lot of time on that character lol… It hurts the sole BADDDD LOL

So do you know if I delete my character that has the name I want and I go to another server (West) and make a new character I can use that name I want because I deleted it?

Nothing has changed as far as I am aware. Since release, you can delete your character then reuse your name right after. I did that right at release to reserve my name.

ok great… Damn all that time just going to be deleted… YIKES

Can always add a surname and still use your name (if it isn’t too long) and keep both.

Well everyone is going to be leaving anyways so really no reason to stay on there. Ya know?

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