1 server for each region, that is freely transferable that allows PVP only in worlds

Probably impossible due to how many issues AGS , due to lumberyard engine, but having a server where its fully flagged would be fun where yo can farm up on a separate server, where you are flagged and then transfer back.

No it won’t effect the economy. Even if it does it would be for the better by lowering cost and also its a game, should worry about your real life financial situation instead.

I want pvp content that isn’t just killing gypsum farmers in 3s, or RNG teammates in OPR , or waiting 10 days to get slotted in a lag fest war.

Servers would be empty. We dont have players to fill a server.

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no it wouldnt, becaue with that logic people would go there to farm if it was empty. You literally lose nothing when u die besides repair costs wich is so minimal with how easy it is to do a chest ru and get all repair points back and money from salvaging.

I’m not against it, I’d totally join it. But I dont believe there are people for that.

In theory, it should be relativly small. I just want a wilderness with lutz in it D: Is it to hard to ask? literally darkzone from the divison. Bind on pick up, etc.

Freely transfer to but double price to transfer off.

LOL, they havent been getting money through skins, so this is a option.

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