10/10 bis constitutes unfair gameplay?

I think the issue here is that you’re under the impression that anyone that knows what they’re doing is actually reviewing each of these reports and making individual decisions based on TOS documents. That doesn’t appear to be the case. If someone gets reported enough for literally anything, they’ll get banned.

Based on my experience with the moderation department, I would be surprised if the individuals at the moderation department actually play New World let allow know how to interpret gameplay footage.

I do think if AGS hired a few GMs per server who are active players it would improve their customer service tremendously.

Additionally, telling players why they were ban would go a long way, too.

so musket players using different reticles and nvidia filters would be considered… unfair?

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I really don’t understand the point of this post

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You won’t get banned for playing “unfair”. Why? Because they specify what is the source of that unfairness - using exploits, hacks, cheats etc.

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Reticle really doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t change game play at all. Simply lays over top of the existing crosshair, and makes it a different color and easier to see.

The nvidia thing, is just a way to tone down graphics. Doesn’t significantly do anything. It does hide foliage, but you still can see name plates through it regardless if you use it or not.

Kinda a iffy thing, considering it’s a feature from nvidia, and a lot use it to just make the game run smoother.

Would be like saying you aren’t allowed to map keys differently or change your mouse buttons to best suite your game play.

Bro what? Unfair gameplay refers to using cheats not having good gear in game :joy::joy::joy: idk what youre trying to do? Acting dumb for attention or what???

Probably barnicle bug

Truth, i report them for intentionally feeding as well.

They should honestly just unflag and pick flowers all day.

Since when I’d it specified that unfair gameplay is only limited to cheating?

The very definition of unfair gameplay is vague at best and this needs changing in the CoC.

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With the game in life support you want less people to play lol.

What if people played with people on their skill level?

I seen a video the other day of someone using a completely different crosshair. It was just a lil circle.

No, he’s not. AGS is.

AGS’ current system is if you get enough reports you get banned.

Ok so if im level 60 and someone else is level 10 i should get banned because its unfair if we were to fight? Like i legit cant tell if youre trolling or not :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

The point is, the way the CoC and the moderation is set out right now; this is a real possibility.

Anything could be argued to be unfair and thus against the CoC and if enough reports are sent - you better believe you are going to get banned. And if you log in to find your account banned and claim to have done nothing wrong you aren’t getting unbanned (unless you have a large social media presence probably).

This is the way it is right now. I don’t agree with any of it. This whole thread is a ridiculous idea, it is only here to mirror just how ridiculous the current system is.

Why would I even want full bis gear to be deemed unfair? I already got all mine, and I put in the time to acquire it and be pretty decent at using it.

But hey if enough people report me because they think I’m cheating as they can’t kill me, then guess what? I’m getting banned for violating section 3.4 of the CoC and I can’t do anything about it.

That is it.

good thing the moderators and devs already said they will ban anyone openly saying they will mass report on this forum :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s true. People discuss it in global chat and people post about it on the forums, like this:

By the way, I’m not trying to throw that person under the bus or anything. They could have been joking. I don’t know. My point is people discuss it and do it frequently without any repercussions.

It allegedly happened to this person an hour ago:

Well if you AFK or run around shirtless in OPR or just chop wood while we are being three capped, then you are not really playing. And if you are doing this because you “don’t have BiS gear” then you might as well unflag and not play.

These people deserve to be reported for intentionally feeding.

This was worse when Azoth was broken, and people would literally type “I am just here for the Azoth.” Basically throwing the game, for Azoth. And they do the same to get there 2 gypsum of the day.

Thing is, you might get 3capped even if youre doing everything with in your power to stop it because if your team doesnt have all bruisers and lifestaffs you just arent going to win.

Dropping into a hotspot in pubg getting killed by someone who dropped straight on a gun while I have no weapon. Hey that’s unfair. No that’s just gaming.