10,5 GB patch, no news, no patch notes

Is it only me?

If i had to guess, they took a few zeros off the queue numbers. I logged in an hour ago, position 2 in queue to start, and Iā€™m now at 1.

Queue is server dependent.
So no. They did not do that.

The queues are still insane.

There was no 10.5 gb patch. There was a 500 mb patch. Unless you downloaded 10.5gb, in which case your game folder, PC, or both are screwy as hell. Also, it was announced earlier. https://twitter.com/playnewworld/status/1443662041869258773

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He just read the download wrong i did the same wish i did not delete the download history in steam. But it was only 61-64mbs size update. But there was a 10GBS file size on the file info.

Edit: You can find that update here :Release Patch Notes | NewWorldFans.com

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Yeah it crashed me out when I was 145 and I had to wait for this to download

Yeah, it just means it had to patch game files that were in a 10gb container. I figured it was just a misunderstanding, but never know.

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