1.0.5 Patch - ❄️ Ice Gauntlet - Ice Storm not ticking damage

Anyone else’s Ice Gauntlet still bugged after the latest patch (1.0.5)? :cold_face:

Ice Storm either does no damage at all when cast or ticks once then stops.

To point out a few things I’ve read which might get around this bug, but which have not worked for me;

• I’m not switching weapon after casting Ice Storm. So this isn’t causing the damage to stop.

• I’ve tried not picking the last trait in the ice storm tree ( Punishing Storm ). The no damage bug persists with or without the trait.

• This is in a PvE setting and could be against one mob or multiple; damage is still non-existent either way.

Fellow Ice Gauntlet users; Are you experiencing the same issue? Have you found a work around? :face_with_monocle:

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Yes and Fire Staff is still bugged as well.

I find if i just do nothing at all once i cast ice storm it will usually deal its dmg. But yeah that and pillar on FS are still bugged

  1. Do you have the Unending Thaw perk on a piece of equipment? It breaks ice storm.
  2. Size of enemy matters and sometimes only 1 tick occurs for some reason.

I noticed that my ice storm doesn’t really work on huge alligators

Hmmm. Mine works fine. It does not damage on mobs with shields buy other than that I’m happy with the fix for my ice fire mage :slight_smile:

What fixed it for me was the removal of Unending Thaw perk. I tried putting it on again, then the ice storm bugged again, very easily recreatable bug. I took all the ice storm talents.

on a side note, pillar of fire still cast on self, but less often from before 1.0.5, doesnt really matter whether weapon sheathed or unsheathed


Thank you.

I had Unending Thaw as a perk on my gear. Once I took the offending piece of gear off the Ice Storm started doing damage. :grin:

2+ week with this bug on a primary weapon, seriously ?

Tell me about it. :sweat_smile:

bump, 2+week of this …

I don’t have unexpected issues with my ice gauntlett and fire staff (I have an issue only once in stairs with fire pillar)

But as we cannot stack DoT aoe anymore (ice storm, and burn area on fire pillar et Fire ball) these skills won’t do any damage is there is another mage with you

This bug is happening when completely solo. Just me and the mobs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Keeping Unending Thaw off gear has helped, but any cast of Ice Storm is still hit and miss.

I suppose this is a good point for other Ice Gauntlet users. Avoid Unending Thaw gear. :snowflake:

Silver elites are all 100% immune to ice storm and all ice type debuffs. Kinda dumb imo.

But good to know so we’re not mixing this no damage, no ticks from the Ice Storm ability on normal mobs with when we’re using it on elites. :+1:t2:

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