1.1 Bow Changes

First off, thank you for everything you guys and gals at AGS do. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing New World and appreciate the hard work you all put into the game.

I never post on forums and provide feedback or complain about much in games I play. But I am so addicted to this games gameplay, and the bow/spear combo specifically, I am hoping my input will at least be heard.

The 1.1 changes to the bow absolutely ruined its fluidity and mechanics for me. After the update, you are no longer able to chain a light attack into an ability, which makes bow the only weapon unable to do this. There is a delay between every single light attack which absolutely kills how smooth the weapon feels to use. This includes trying to light attack and then quickly dodge to avoid things. It is most noticeable when fighting other ranged players, as you will shoot and try to avoid their fire but are stuck for a period of time while the light attack animation finishes. Other ranged weapons do not have this delay, an example being the musket. The musket can shoot, dodge, shoot before a bow user can shoot and even start their dodge. Both of these things (light attack into a skill and light attack into a dodge) puts bow users at a significant disadvantage compared to other weapon users.

I’ve been hopeful this was an unintended change because I know you guys were trying to fix the double shot bug which would rarely occur before 1.1. Can I at least get an answer on whether this was an intended change or an accidental change which is being looked into?


like any mmo anything fun is removed



As for now bow is good in PvE but I believe is quite crap in PvP. Too slow, too difficult to aim and often the arrows don’t hit even if they pass directly through the target (especially if the target is closing on you fast, like many mobs do, ghosts above all lol).
I find it funny in solo PvE because it lets me pull the target I choose and deal a bit of damage before engaging it in melee, but really there’s nothing more for bow users right now.
Ah yes, and please, please let low tier arrows to be craftable in any workshop. It’s absurd that to craft the crappy steel arrows I need a T3 workshop

Well, the dmg output in PvE is fine and the ability to survive… Yeah…

But its still pretty annoying to hit bosses… They move a lot (some have rly weird movement mechanics) and the stronger bosses cant get tanked on position.
With musket you can quite easy aim for the head, with bow you miss a lot, if you try to do that.

Most of the time in expeditions I use the spear… Bow is my main weapon and I wear light armor, but its just so much more exhausting to do good damage… ^^

Bow has so many issues. It feels clunky after that patch. Same with the aim animation is soo slow and that can get you killed agains GA/WH users. When you enter to aim stance and you get out you get slowed i understand when you aim you get slowed but when you stop the aim you still get slowed for like 1 second. However there is a megapost about all weapons on forums listend to that guy please. We just want a better game for all.

Edit: heres the post please amazon read this: Current State of the Game after 600+ hours

Edit 2: please upgrade the arrow limit. i always have to carry on me like 250 to 300 weight extra and that mean more azoth costs to travel and also the azoth cap is too low.

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Does it also happen to anyone else, that you use an ability, but it doesn’t shoot it and you need to do it twice? It happens to me all the time and is the most annoying.


Yeah that happened to me but not very often. it is annoying tho. cause you aim shoot and now you have yo aim and shoot again because your target was moving

Bow its good in PVP, hard and skill. I understand the auto attacks are hard from the bow but they do x2 more damage from fire staff or ice gantlet.

First of all, Hi. If you read closely no one is talking about bow damage. We are talking about bugs with the bow after patch 1.1.

Second: bow autoattacks are x2 slower than the FS/IG. Plus they do not consume ammo like the bow if you want to hit hard you must spend money and resources in orichalcum ammunition on top of that as you said is harder to hit and proyectile hitbox is too small.

Arrows have low prise. Mage use mana potion bath they to have low prise.


Honestly I’m not even sure why they even made this change. Not a single person really even complained about it. The bow was hard enough to use as is. The only complaint I’ve seen regarding the bow being “OP” is if a bow user had 450 dex with 6k HP, and hit 7k+ to someone in light armor. They could have changed the bow, but this single change made the bow extremely boring to use.

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Sorry to tell you this, but other ranged weapons have this issue too.
Since “into the void” patch, both ig and fs have way longer animation for their light and heavy attacks.
I guess right now theyre just making it fair so bow gotta finish full attacking animation before u can cast other skills.
Welcome to New World where AGS dont give a shet about their players and their feedbacks.
Every patch, they tend to nerf something. Taking away more conveniency from players.
The elemental beasts were a good alternative resources for motes, and now theyve removed it so its even harder to compete with alrdy scarced mote nodes/ plants.

AGS fan boys, yall gotta wake up and realize the truth. You think the game is thriving, thats due to the recent steam discount on New World. New players will soon realize its a shet show once they hit 60 and start paying attention to endgame and its details.

no it’s still good, but you really just need to land your shots. The damage is there still.

happens with my pillar of fire and rapier fleche

firestaff is the same, but yeah, rip the damage lul xd. I can hit a bow user like 4 or 5 times before he pots and he hits one pen shot i’m at 50% hp, really frustrating, but it’s a problem with the firestaff not the bow.

Bow should get its animations back and fire should get MOST of its damage back, and IG re-buffed a lot.

Fire staff and IGs can both still light attack into a skill with zero delay. They can also light attack and immediately roll. Bow has a very noticeable delay. Use both and see, it’s insane and becomes even more aggravating when you fight a fire staff/musket/IG with a bow. You’re character shoots and then just stands there for what feel like an eternity before you can roll or shoot again.

If they wanted to slow the damage down, locking your character into an animation is NOT the play. Makes your character feel unresponsive to your inputs. Almost like you’re playing with lag 24/7 on top of the lag that’s already there with the servers.

On the post where a GA user complained about unable to beat dex weapons and how dex weapons shud be nerfed there was almost an instant response from the community moderators…

How I wish we could have that kind of response as well for bows…

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Lol musket have it worse.
If u dodge right away without reloading, rip