1.1 nerfs ruined the game

Revert the nerfs, the game is literally in a laughable state. Int scaling is completely broken. 400 int shouldn’t be doing 1k crits.


revert the game more like ;D reset to 0


game is actually so depressing to play right now compared to a month ago, it’s really sad. I’m 580 GS 400 int hitting like low 2k whites on lvl 55 mobs lolol


The difference is even greater to what the game used to be back in alpha. It’s really hard to believe there was ever a time when the combat didn’t feel clunky and useless, and when iframing wasn’t the meta because things were happening in a fluid manner.

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I mean i’m not talking about clunkyness i’m just talking about general balance and everything “feeling powerful”, instead of this now gutted mage spongebath we have now, where my 550h and 580 gs into firestaff has been removed basically, on top of musket/GA/WH being buffed. It’s insane how hard I have to work for a kill with the max damage INT setup in the game, truly hilarious, meanwhile I still get 3 shotted.


Yeah, that’s part of the larger problem. AGS were nearly there with weapon balance and great combat mechanics. But they had to go and screw it all up by animation-locking everything. Now nothing feels natural.

Worse than that, before those changes you were able to fluidly chain attacks from light fast weapons and spellcasts. So you had hard hitting slow hammers and axes, and fast hitting lower damage ones - but it was balanced because the DPS evened out in the end.

And developers themselves favor hammer and greataxe - so those are the only weapons seeing improvements.

yep lol kinda weird, and 95 nerfs on a class in one patch is pretty 4 hed

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Take a hint, AGS has been doing EVERYTHING in their power to make people either quit or play the GA/WH. Why do you keep insisting on stressing yourself out and trying to play the “undesirable weapons”. Grab a Great Axe and a Warhammer, spam click, and enjoy the game. Play the game as AGS intended it or quit.


Cause there’s nothing better to do ?

Revert it back to alpha. Had a vision in mind then

But I still can see a lot of mages in open world and OPR, and they are hitting so hard Even if I wear heavy plate, so it is not so terrible … Mages still with tank assists stop whole zerg.

lol, no they aren’t.


Hahahhahahaha yeah Mages hit so hard with their 900-1000 damage with heavy attacks and maybe 1.8k-3k pillars of fire (that can be hard as shit to hit). Meanwhile I can get 2-3 shotted by GA/musket/bow users.


exactly, with 4 resil pieces 7.1k hp light armor musket 3 shots me still

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I have a easier time killing a GA player then a IG player. Most DMG each war and some OPR are fire mages. While the patch maybe feels like a huge nerve ever number I see say mages stile are on the top of the DDs.

then you are not good at NW. IG literally counters itself now.


I don’t understand why a dot weapon is being graded by it’s burst damage.

Maybe you guys don’t understand how the weapon is supposed to work.

A dot weapon…? Firestaff burns are the worst dots in the game, please think before you type.
Firestaff is a burst weapon.


Sorry but in reality 1.1 made the game better than ever!


But they are still top 5 dmg dealers in OPR xd