1.1 Patchnotes - Missing Legendary Crafting Items?

Still do nothing for the endgame just make a longer grind. Where are my Arcana Boots, Cores and Orbs.

after 700hrs i need to say its boring now. no PVE or PVP content there. just gather and gather its not worth getting all slots in 600 gs if u cant do anything with that stuff. u can run all 2weeks lazarus nice…

Yeah, we need to know this. It is not mentioned so the safe assumption is that it’s not fixed. I have to say it’s quite upsetting that it takes them so long to fix a drop chance problem.

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Bumping this, I know it’s been mentioned in other threads but can really do with an update. It’s affecting a lot of different crafting recipes across the board and, at least superficially, appears to simply be a matter of enabling a drop or increasing it’s chance.

And lets be fair even if they overcompensate and let them drop like popcorn, 600gs does drop like that already and you need 200 Trade skill at least to do stuff with the material.

quite a major issue not to be able to craft the legendary weapons and shields if you gone through all the trouble to level weapon craft, can we please have an update on the missing ingredients etched handgaurd, enchanted bow string etc so we can actually make these things !

Hope its just another patch note mistake…

Really unfortunate that this topic does not get any recognition and attention as it seems to be affecting a lot of people. @Luxendra @Kay any kind of information on this topic?

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Thanks for the answer @Luxendra , but either I am blind or there is no mention of the missing legendary crafting items such as runic thread and enchanted bow string

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Thanks for the answer but it’s not what he ask. Can you give us details on missing legendary craft item like the whispering bow please ?

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From my understanding, this should be the one: Fixed bugs that were preventing Gear Score 600 Arcana Weapons from being crafted. I’ve confirmed that some of the missing crafting items needed to craft legendaries back in the game as well.


@Luxendra the problem was not only about arcana items. So either the patch notes are inaccurate or the issue wasn’t addressed.

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Arcana gear score has nothing to do with our problem as well. it is a different issue. We are talking about 600GS pre-rolled weapon\armor recipes for every crafting profession that are unlocked automatically upon reaching 200 proficiency in any of those professions. So, those recipes require special items: runic thread, enchanted bow string, empowered counterbalance etc, which were not in the game since release. We were told those items are going to be added with the patch, but nothing mentioned in the patchnotes. If they are actually added, great, thank you very much ).


There’s an embossed handwrapping up on my server, which is one of the components you’re talking about.

I imagine the rest of them are in, as well.

Someone in my server just linked the Enchanted Bow String in chat.
So i guess they drop now.

If anyone finds the crystals for the 600 GS Ice Gauntlets and/or 600 GS Fire Staff, please let us know where they came from.

My guess is like Voidbent, they will be an ultra rare drop from a crafting note but maybe that is wrong.

Thanks ahead of time.

Hi. Can you guys comment on why there are a ton of missing Orichalcum nodes and chests now? It seems a bit underhanded to give us a buff for flagging up and essentially remove that by stealthily taking out chests and nodes. At least inlcude this information in your patch notes.

The developers promised to make keys for Dungeons cheaper. Please ask them why this has not been done and whether it will be done later :frowning: Thank you very much. Perhaps they just forgot, but this is very important, now no one goes to the dungeon :frowning:


Thats pretty much another slap.

Which ones? Why not all? Why not from the start? Why release a version and dont mention, that full Arcana Crafting Gear is not available since release? Was it intended? When will it be fixed?

I wanna pull out my hair.

But hey. Some.

Go look, they did reduce the cost… They’ve reduced the cost of chisels previously and now have taken the cost of corrupted lodestone down drastically, i.e. Lazarus went from 20 → 3 corrupted lodestone needed.

Do you think this is enough?)))

you still have to farm over 2500 loadstones to make one key…why is that not reduced.