1.1 sucked the fun out

I appreciate the fixes that were made to luck.

However, crafting, farming loot, progress, all nerfed to the point I just feel like giving up.

Everything has been slowed to the point I often cannot even see progress on the crafting bar.

The statement on crafting in the dev blog was just empty and addressed nothing. Just some vague aspiration about max level.

I don’t understand why the exponential requirements for base materials is in the game.

Crafting was already terribly slow because of them. Crafting low level materials was the most efficient way to level, and that was not good. But with the increased xp req, the reduction in xp gained on the low level items should have been offset by a bigger increase in high level materials, thus providing a more rewarding experience.

Essentially, two major changes for ALL crafting is required. You should only require 1 of the previous level of an item required to make the next and higher level items and higher level items should always be the best to increase level.

So for example, instead of 2 sateen required to make silk, it should only be 1 + the 6 silk threads. It also future proofs the same system for potential expansions, because we can’t carry on doubling every time for each level of mats.

Making thousands of an item to just bin / drop / destroy, is unnecessary and unrewarding gameplay, but currently still the most efficient way to level. Make the xp gains of desirable and relevant higher level items to reflect the best way to level in each phase.

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