1100 Rabbits and No Chest

When posting for help if will help in troubleshooting if you can be sure to include:

System Information (OS, Processor, RAM, HDD Space, Graphics card, etc.

Win 10, 32gig, multiple terabytes across multiple drives, RTX 3080.
Any Error messages you are getting.
What is happening?
Either chest drop is broken or the luck system is broken. I’ve killed 1100 rabbits over the last two days in full luck gear with 3 major loot luck trophies and using a luck food buff on and off over mutliple hours of farming.

I’ve skinned every rabbit to make sure I didn’t miss the drop (and to help keep count) and the chest has not dropped at all. Other players are averaging 100 - 300 kills for the chest, so why would I and a handful of players be such an outstanding outlier? Something is broken with this event.

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Hello @1mikeg,

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Regarding your request, sadly this is something that goes directly related with luck, as you can see here [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ everything related to luck, now if you feel that the chest drops is not working as is supposed to I can recommend you to create a topic or if you allow me I can mode this one to the game feedback section were all the posts are reviewed by developers and they can dig a little deeper into it.

If you need more assistance please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


Please mode this to game feedback. This system is broken.

Hi @1mikeg,

The post has been moved to Game Feedback.

If you need more assistance please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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