1.1.1 luck gotten worse hidden changes

I used to have 1 major, 1 basic and 1 minor luck trophie in my houses with full luck gear in all my armor jewellery, and bags also PVP on.

For weeks I been getting at least 1 trophy upgrade item per run. running 1.30 hr route in reekwater, mourningdale and ebonscale.

Now just before 1.1.1 patch was released I have gotten the stacked deck from a chest and decided to buy the loaded dice, and upgrade my minor luck trophy all the way up to major.

haven’t been doing any runs after this upgrade until 1.1.1 came out, started to do my usual runs to hunt for another trophies upgrade after the patch was released for days I have been running the usual route and I got no trophy upgrade and no schematic either previously my inventory was full of furniture schematic i get 3-5 at least per run. Now i haven’t seen one in a while even common ones.

Now I am wondering what’s happening what change to luck in 1.1.1 that affected my loot so much.

In another note I also been noticing that stockpiles that used to give at least 3 items now alot of them is only dropping 1 item like a green weapon or something a huge different from what I am used to.


I hate the luck system. Have to search for and change my underwear every time I’m gonna do something different in the game. Coupled with no separate load outs in inventory and gear getting damaged your not wearing makes it beyond annoying.

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I just got a minor gather trophy last day or so and noticed I am not getting as many good things now when gathering and less greens less often.

Not sure if something changed with luck or if it is trophy related.

Sounds like a Tinder review.

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Did you test if taking out the new trophies and bringing luck to your old % changes anything?

I had the same experience since patch 1.1. Never saw a trophy item since then when before I would get them consistently with lesser luck gear.

Since then I have done daily testruns with many different setups to get back to my old yield. Started with a full set and going down until I have only my bags. Also experimented with un-/reequipping of the luck items.

I’m now down to 2 luck armor and my 3 bags and reequipping everything after every teleport. And I just started to get furniture schematics again. I even found a purple weapon formula.

I will test further with even less luck gear. But for now the trend is going to less luck items gives you better loot.

Having gearsets that took up no weight, that I could swap to anytime would honestly turn me into a crafter

I did actually try this yesterday downgraded major trophie with minor, in less than 50 minute i got 3 schematic and 2 legendary weapon recipes from small chests.

But, still no trophy I will try today to only loot stockpiles and see if I get one, for sure decreasing the luck seems have positive effect.

I have experienced this aswell, tried testing it in several ways with both pvp off and pvp on.
And less luck seemed to move me in a positive direction.
So pvp off and no luck after 1.1 seems to give me the best results gearwize.

Gatheringwize though pvp on and gathering luck gear on.

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