1.2 Hidden changes

Nice, instead of giving 1k per day to governors, why amazon dont give them streamer gear with maxed out everything and remove taxes all along? win win for both

nice response you could not say one thing that you did on PTR today can you?

that is the point you came to complain about hidden changes when you log into the PTR you see the changes that is why its a PTR. YES they could communicate changes better. but they are not surprises because its a PTR it would be a surprise if they implemented it in the actual game without telling you.

your feedback and tears could be better used actually testing those changes instead of attacking them for not communicating well.

You didn’t figuratively uninstall it?

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Correct me if im wrong, but they released the PTR patch notes during the PTR cycle last time.

wrong many of the changes to the weapons were not posted in the PTR notes they were posted by someone who compiled the list and posted on the forums. They posted general changes to the game.

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If I am saying anything patronizing please let me know, that isn’t my intention or how I feel as I am responding. So if there are things coming off that way definitely not what I mean to do.


Hopefully with all the feedback they change some things and tune them to be more what the player base wants, while keeping the new system. Only being able to craft 1 cast per day is pretty insane, 600g to make a cast (if accurate also insane), a lot of things could be changed to make this an actual good, fun, productive way for people to increase their watermark. I hope they listen and meet us at least half way. :sob::sob::sob:

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So basically they released info on their PTR, but someone unrelated to the company had to compile a list of unlisted changes, gotcha.

If you want feedback look at the dead servers.

The game is bad and these changes just seem to want to make it worse with more of a grind to achieve what? To add to the grind? The game isn’t good enough to warrant investing that sort of time in. It is not like there is a decent experience the other side of the grind.

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My dude, I hope they are paying you big bucks. I do not envy your position here lol. For what it’s worth I think you’re doing a great job. You are just in the unfortunate position of having to deal with the fall out of us irritated players on behalf of the people who are irritating us.


yup, not saying its not a bad way to handle PTR but they did it last time.

They said in the original post “a full list of changes will be released with the release of the 1.2 patch”

Not to go full tinfoil hat here, but this kinda reeks of “how much undocumented shit can we get away with before the players notice”


Shoutout all the community managers having to spend the day in the forums. That has to be brutal on the mental :sob::sob::muscle:


not to poke the bear but no where in the game does it say they have to communicate all changes to you.

Well, if they want to regain the trust they lost (thats not my words btw) then being transparent with their patch notes is probably a good step in that direction.

Please push for this nerf to people who crafted their gear to not go live. Absolutely ludicrous to just laugh in the faces of players with 100’s of hours worked towards their high level crafted gear, just for it to not work because you (retroactively) have to fix an awful system that we didn’t want to grind.

Seriously, this change will be the final nail in the coffin for me. 600 hours, many friends with the same or more, and we all feel this way. Do not kill your game. Taking power away from players who ground for it in different ways besides HWM will absolutely destroy their motivation to play the game.


If they ask the community to jump on the PTR to test the next patch, then fail… repeat this fail to provide the correct information (read: detailed patch notes) we should be testing, what is the point? Secondly is the fact we can not even test the new Expertise changes, but hey why not look at this shiny winter event instead?

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Where can I find the info on the GA nerf? or was that accidentally forgotten?

like i said, thrown to the wolves. some of the things they are teling you, like having to learn about what to put into their notes and how to use the ptr, are just nuts. it is 2021 and this is basic mmo knowledge. you do not need to be a dev to know that these days dataminers and number crunchers are going to point these kinds of things out.

good luck to you, partner. i, at least, appreciate you coming here