1.2 Hidden changes

Well, if they want to regain the trust they lost (thats not my words btw) then being transparent with their patch notes is probably a good step in that direction.

Please push for this nerf to people who crafted their gear to not go live. Absolutely ludicrous to just laugh in the faces of players with 100’s of hours worked towards their high level crafted gear, just for it to not work because you (retroactively) have to fix an awful system that we didn’t want to grind.

Seriously, this change will be the final nail in the coffin for me. 600 hours, many friends with the same or more, and we all feel this way. Do not kill your game. Taking power away from players who ground for it in different ways besides HWM will absolutely destroy their motivation to play the game.


If they ask the community to jump on the PTR to test the next patch, then fail… repeat this fail to provide the correct information (read: detailed patch notes) we should be testing, what is the point? Secondly is the fact we can not even test the new Expertise changes, but hey why not look at this shiny winter event instead?

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Where can I find the info on the GA nerf? or was that accidentally forgotten?

like i said, thrown to the wolves. some of the things they are teling you, like having to learn about what to put into their notes and how to use the ptr, are just nuts. it is 2021 and this is basic mmo knowledge. you do not need to be a dev to know that these days dataminers and number crunchers are going to point these kinds of things out.

good luck to you, partner. i, at least, appreciate you coming here

As mentioned above, I understand that we have dropped the ball on providing fully comprehensive patch notes in the past and when Update 1.2 releases our goal is to include all the changes introduced. I don’t think we’ll be perfect but we know this is a place we have to improve.


They HAVE NOT released a full list of everything they changed. Everyone needs to stop flipping out. Yes it would be nice to have a list of whats different in the PTR. But they have said they will release full notes when the patch is released.

Yikes, poster banned for reporting unnoted major nerfs on the PTR. Not a good look AGS.


Not at you directly, but at the team overall. The ball was dropped in 1.1 PTR, the ball was again dropped in 1.2 PTR - at a certain point how does the community believe ‘mistakes happen’ vs the team is just hiding the bad things to try to prevent more unrest?

Sorry but at this stage New World team’s rep is not very good and showing no real signs of improving.


I mean, i personally feel that releasing patch notes for a PTR test round after its been concluded might be a bit to late, but that might just be me.


It would def be nice to have something say “this is a list of the changes in the PTR these are not final changes and some things may or may not be in the final patch

I think there is a disconnect. For PTR we generally provide notes on where we want folks to test but have not posted full release notes for those tests. I am referring to live product release patchnotes. Update 1.2 would be a live product release.


Not much need to keep playing I guess.


yeah but the team still made changes on things that weren’t stated in any patch notes, changes are changes and players want to know imo


If those patch notes don’t give us a clear picture of how the new “expertise” system is any better than the replaced watermark farm, you’ll be dropping players instead of balls. I hope the team understands that.

If we haven’t been clear already, let me try and spell it out:
Your players are tired of tedious grinds and pointless time-gates. If you don’t want us to have fun then let us know so we can move on.


Thank you!!

@NW_Mugsy sorry for the offtopic, any word on territory standing reset?

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Nerfed. Tenfold.

Was the ball not dropped with the most recent patch, “1.1 Into The Void”, as well? There are only so many balls that can be dropped before the community gives up on the game.

Elite zones were not specifically tasked to be tested in the PTR. HP values, clear times and drop rate on Elite Chests were tampered with and snuck into the live game.

Clear times especially matter in elite zones. The corrupted veils with millions of health are still live. A team of five deals maybe 6,000 DPS a second. What was a 45 minute run for five people has turned into a 90 to 120 minute ordeal to clear a temporary wall.

All I can say is that whoever is making your job harder isn’t paying you extra for the additional workload and headache.


What comes across as patronizing is the CM team saying over and over how AGS needs to do better, is working in it, etc. but then the actions don’t move in that direction.

It’s already December. This PTR is going to be pushed next week? Maybe two weeks? What happened to the lesson we were told was learned in November? I installed PTR, provided feedback, and am 100% sure absolutely nothing will change.

Whomever is continuing to make these decisions this way is throwing the CMs to the wolves (i.e. we, the pissed off players).


A PTR without a list of what is changed is a pointless PTR. It sounds like you are going to repeat what you did with 1.1. Are you going to once again ‘gather feedback’ that you will ‘consider’ in the future but still release the patch as is? Because that is not how PTRs should be used. You release into PTR, then apply feedback BEFORE releasing it to live. Otherwise you are simply using PTR as a placebo to pacify the angry mob.