1.2 Hidden changes

The guy showed up to a (understandably) hostile environment and tried to answer questions, then came back to that hostile environment and delivered patch notes we were demanding, and managed to keep his cool the entire time. Give credit where credit is due.


Do we tell him?

looks like someone already did

Sooo like I was saying, the “Hidden changes” found through datamining are not included
Thanks for answering tho

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Thank you!

I have also criticized the patch notes in the past for being vague. These are MUCH better and the details are appreciated. Thank you to or Luxendra or whomever has been working on them this tim.

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So your ptr, which is designed for players to test changes, and give feedback, doesnt document what has changed?

You certainly must realize this automatically makes your ptr ineffecient at doing its job right?


You can find the December PTR patchnotes here: December PTR Patch Notes
We’ll work to get them up earlier in the future.


Hey no big deal they just LIED to us AGAIN. Nothing to see here. Time gate stealth nerf squad is at it again. This time with a gold sink to counteract their ridiculous tax changes.

I am again at a loss for words how this team can be this duplicitous and think the game will survive.

Double You Tee FFFFFFF


Listen to yourself.

Past the point of decency over a video game.

A video game.

$39 video game.

My god man, get a grip. If you can’t stay civil over something as trivial as this…please for the love of all things holy…stop gaming.

None of this is worth getting past the point of decency.


Get off your high horse, and give a response that actually helps. Don’t like my response, don’t read it. Much like a lot of the responses I get. Don’t like the game, don’t play it.

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If this goes live, I will quit. Im not wasting my time on a causal 45min dailyquest grinder. Add the new system as an addition to the current system - everything else will screw players. Players don’t pay on a monthly base or invest money into their account, they will simply stop. Your gacha math doesn’t work here.


It’s very easy to get rid of all the complainers.

Unconditional Refunds


What can I add here that would help?

The pitchforks are out, whackaloons are lambasting a person simply doing their job, and the masses want blood.

Over a $39 video game. Let that sink in.

Honestly, you folk are the most fucked up group of miscreants I’ve ever seen in gaming. You make the 76 trolls look like angels.

I don’t like the changes, but Jesus…it’s a fucking game….


Hang in there. It’s not your fault but yeah some people just keep on shooting the Messenger. Pitfalls of being a CM. Managing players expectations have never been easy.

Other than that, yeah, pls do communicate what the players are saying right now, both the good and bad. I don’t envy your position but you’re in a position that can help change things for the better. Stay strong.

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Ok then lets see it your way…
Dungeos are time-gated behind keys so farming dungeons is a no go for gold.
(ofc you will need good/experienced players to even make some gold in end game dungeons).
Farming mats for keys consume lots of time.

6-7 OPR runs in a low pop servers is around 6-9h if you are lucky. High pop servers around 3-4h.

Great if most crafters gets tipped 600g for potential 600gs never got that many usually 100-200g and sometimes its days before someone even ask for some crafts.

3 daily for that amout of gold again dungeons or high elite area GC.

So let’s see gold/time spent for a day grind to get some of cache.

  • Dungeon 35min-1h = lets say no deaths(no gold spent for repairs) 1k
    (not included time for mats needed for key)
  • 6 OPR rounds low pop servers 6-9h
  • 6 OPR rounds high pop servers 3-4h
    Average 1100g
  • 3 daily around 1000g if you ofc have a group for dungeons and high elite zones around 1h
    So time needed:
    1 dungeon average 45min - 1000g
    6 OPR average 4h - 1100g
    3 daily average 1h - lets say 1000g
    Not counting crafts since that is not reliable source of income on daily basis.
    So time spent around 6-7h daily
    Gold earned around 3100
    7 cache per day is 4200g
    So we need to spend close to 7h doing same thing every day to be able to get 5 caches + hours to even get mats for them freely add few hours there.
    At the end 5 caches a day repetitive content for 6-10h.
    And there are always other factors where you need to spend gold (house taxes are cheap now but wont stay for much long/repairs/crafts etc)…

Thanks but NO thanks… if you like and have time to do same things every day for 5-7 caches for average 7-10h play time then yea COOL hope you will enjoy it long enough.


$39 may not seem like a lot of money to you. But it is for a lot of people who put it forward to support the studio. A lot of my responses to him have been very civil and yet you chose to target my response. How bout you stop white knighting and let the internet get on with it :slight_smile: Your hypocrisy about others crying stinks, and like all white knights, you’re incapable of self awareness. I’m tired, so I’m gonna ignore you like a child, this will be my last response to you. Know full well I’ll never read your response, troll. :slight_smile:


i mean if you were averaging less then this in the current system you were averaging that much in WM anyways. I would assume you are on eo fhte people who bought 600 gs and went to pvp but you make it sound like your on a low pop server so you probably couldnt pvp which means you basically logged on and did nothing. if you did your chest runs for that 1 hour you were not doing your pvp you would end up with purples from yur run you could sell for 100 gold to make 1000g to then save for the current system. but i see you. your right the system is terrible kappa. stop playing all good

What’s there to work on? There was an entire Dev Blog and the devs intentionally neglected 90% of the changes.

Do you see why AGS has zero credibility?


Well we have had plenty of time since then, and I don’t see Fire Staff getting any better after the insane amount of nerfs I and every mage at the time talked about it.

Compared to Great Axe on current PTR patch, it’s crazy how little it’s being touched to what Fire Staff went through on one balance pass.

say what?!

Thank you!!