1.2 Hidden changes

I would assume that is the idea. Which is why we must now rely upon datamining.

This, however, is my favorite change of them all. The “Trade skill aptitude reward” for advancing past 200.

Harvesting: You get a box full of good green goodies such as softwood prayer beads, small quartz crystals, etc. Congratulations!

And one, last, parting “fuck you” to crafters. A small one. But delivered so spitefully.

Axe crit damage multiplier reduced from 1.4 to 1.3 (i.e. logging may be a bit slower over time now).


Why the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck would they make woodcutting worse than it already is.

I am actually starting to wonder if i can get my 40 bucks back.


Oooo, a CM is here.

To pre-empt the reply, Yes. I would love to use AGS official numbers rather than a random datamine.

Unfortunately, those weren’t provided outside of a vague “They’ve been nerfed a lot”.

Give us the numbers, please.


@NW_Mugsy . Is you dev team blind ? You lost another 25 k players logging in daily after you announced those silly changes . AGS is being costantly being flamed on Forum / Reddit / Twitter and your dev team is insisting on forcing upon us punishing changes that gate our progress on a freaking SANDBOX mmo . This is starting to become a Fraud against your playerbase …If you think people will be happy to grind the stats their gear already has by doing repetitive dailies that even cost coins the dev team is under drug effects .


right? that and fishing are the 2 gathering that i do not have at 200 yet

I understand emotions are running high but please do your best to keep in line with our Code of Conduct. Please do not target staff members or direct vulgarity at the team. We want to hear your critical feedback but we won’t tolerate personal attacks. And before you say there weren’t any, moderation has already removed them.

Update 1.2 has not released yet. If you re-read the PTR article you will see that we will provide the full patch notes for Update 1.2 when it releases.

I understand there has been incidents of patchnotes being incomplete and not capturing all changes, we will continue working with the team to improve in this area.


My God AGS, you literally just can’t not screw up what otherwise seemed like a pretty good thing.

Like what the heck? You apparently didn’t hear us complaining about the lack of gold for 60s, yet here we are. Like WTH


Nice of you to stop in :partying_face:

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea. We’re having a party


You clearly didn’t read any of it did you. Your chance of a chest increasing just dropped by 1000% percent.


You could have made a perfect system to progress beyond 600 GS with Expertise and yet you are punishing and gating players that already reached this level by crafting or by spending huge ammount of coins in order to reach it by downscaling their gear forcing them to do repetitive park themed dailies .


This is going to be a fun week isn’t it.


Just like the last PTR?

Anyway, I’ll enjoy the diminishing player-base even further.


When have you ever provided full patch notes to anything? We have crossed this bridge enough times to know that you only provide what you want us to know while sneaking anything and everything else in hoping we don’t notice.


he is just a community manager chill of em.


Can you address the tax system too?
Its the reason i will stop to play after 500+ hours , and i want to know for sure that its intended, and you didnt messed some decimals like the gold retribution.


Unfortunately I can understand assigning malice to error. We’ll have to improve in order to earn the benefit of the doubt in this area.


Unfortunately, while we collected valuable feedback during the last PTR it requires additional time to implement so folks rightfully felt like it was not heard at all. We do care about feedback, the team is listening, and we will continue to work with our players to shape New World.


Being a CM, and not a developer or shot caller at AGS, I do hope you understand I am not levying this at you directly.

I do not, and cannot trust anything AGS says. And there is a very simple reason for that.


Your previous actions.
Hopefully with time this will improve. But for now, you have completely lost the communities trust. And that will take a VERY long time to earn back, with an excellent track record.

It ain’t looking good so far.


Yes, there have been mistakes made and we will have to earn back any trust we have lost.


Nothing against you Mugsy, you work with what you got.

But your team ask people to test stuff on the PTR but you give them no indication of what they are actually gonna test? You ask for feedback, but very little of the feedback provided for the last PTR seems to have been taken into consideration, neither when the 1.1 patch dropped, or in later patches.

And yeah, emotions are running high because a lot of your player base feel like they are getting shafted with every new patch, like dude, there are still glaring bugs in the game that has been here since the launch, maybe deal with that before taking a hammer to your established game mechanics.