1.2 Hidden changes

he is just a community manager chill of em.


Can you address the tax system too?
Its the reason i will stop to play after 500+ hours , and i want to know for sure that its intended, and you didnt messed some decimals like the gold retribution.


Unfortunately I can understand assigning malice to error. We’ll have to improve in order to earn the benefit of the doubt in this area.


Unfortunately, while we collected valuable feedback during the last PTR it requires additional time to implement so folks rightfully felt like it was not heard at all. We do care about feedback, the team is listening, and we will continue to work with our players to shape New World.


Being a CM, and not a developer or shot caller at AGS, I do hope you understand I am not levying this at you directly.

I do not, and cannot trust anything AGS says. And there is a very simple reason for that.


Your previous actions.
Hopefully with time this will improve. But for now, you have completely lost the communities trust. And that will take a VERY long time to earn back, with an excellent track record.

It ain’t looking good so far.


Yes, there have been mistakes made and we will have to earn back any trust we have lost.


Nothing against you Mugsy, you work with what you got.

But your team ask people to test stuff on the PTR but you give them no indication of what they are actually gonna test? You ask for feedback, but very little of the feedback provided for the last PTR seems to have been taken into consideration, neither when the 1.1 patch dropped, or in later patches.

And yeah, emotions are running high because a lot of your player base feel like they are getting shafted with every new patch, like dude, there are still glaring bugs in the game that has been here since the launch, maybe deal with that before taking a hammer to your established game mechanics.


Yooooo the post is gone, the fuck

So people can only know the changes you make once it goes live ? How we supposed to give feedback ? Expect us to find every hidden changes in the ptr by ourselves?


You continue losing our trust exponentially.


I do have one question regarding patch notes, how do we know what to look for and test on the PTR if patch notes are not put out until it releases to official? Having notes to make sure changes done on the PTR work as intended and don’t cause more complicated issues would be very helpful.


You can start right now :smiley:

Have whoever it is that is charge of such matters give us the hard numbers.

Elite chest odds were reduced a little, but open world named enemies were reduced a lot

Give us the exact numbers they were reduced by. Show some transparency. It will go a long way.
Currrently, the datamine is the best we have, and until proven otherwise, we are running under the assumption that WM grinding just got 10x harder.


i get that you are getting thrown to the wolves, but tell them that asking for feedback on something they already plan to release is just wierd, if not just dumb. if they want to know what we think, and plan to act on the feed back, put the notes out and the test server up with enough time for them to take in what we say BEFORE releasing it.


If you are talking about PTR feedback, we should be providing a list of areas where we want folks to test. If you are talking about live game feedback we hope that people play and experience the changes then provide feedback on how it has impacted how gameplay feels. For example, when we have a major update we likely won’t put up focused feedback threads for 48 hours so folks can actually play the changes and report on their experiences and pair that with data.

New World is a living game, it will change a lot and the team will listen to feedback, implement changes, listen to feedback and implement changes and so on.


Well, I was thinking maybe I was overblowing my objections to this patch and maybe, MAYBE those telling me to STFU were right. Maybe. But after seeing this… nope, I was right to be %$#&ed.


I agree with you in that we need to continue to iterate on how to use PTR to get the most out of the feedback we receive from testers prior to that build being tagged for release.


Jesus dude, you’re the gift that keeps giving. Christmas came early this year.

This is a flat out lie.

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We, the players, shouldn’t have to do data mines to figure out what you changed in you game. All of this should have been laid out in clear and comprehensive PTR patch notes.


Problem is, most folks trying to play out the PTR can’t figure out if something is an intended change or a bug…