120 hours AFK FARM

After 120 hours of afk farm I declare that I give up and am asking to change the drop rate of ancient marble. I just don’t know how you guys can take it easy and accept that it will take more than 120 hours to drop 1 item in the game that u need 3 to complete the set. congratulations for letting me down as a player.

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I’ve heard that those trophy materials have some kind of server-wide cooldown. But idk if it’s true.

Hello @Alevernizzi and thank you for your input @Pointe,

I am sorry to hear you have not been having much luck with the drop rate for this item. Please confirm the exact name of the drop you are looking for and let me know where you are grinding for it so I can try and give you guidance on this one.

I’ll keep an eye on this post for when you answer and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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well, im farming the legendary item “Ancient mandible” on Reekwater killing “THE SURGEON”.

Agreed, some things in the game are entirely too difficult to obtain. I farmed this guy as well and never got it. I had to spend at minimum 200+hrs farming for corrupted totem too and only ever got 1.

Hello @Alevernizzi,

I can confirm the Ancient Mandible is dropping but has a very low chance to do so and does take a lot of grinding. I understand how these drop rates can be frustrating and suggest submitting feedback on them in the Feedback section of the forums.

Please bear in mind you can also submit your valuable feedback In-Game by doing the following:

1- Press “Esc”, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.
2- Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then select Submit.

Hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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