+127.2% mining luck, 80 minutes, 76 Orichalcum veins mined, 0 tolvium/cinnabar

Take your luck amulet off and don’t do anything different. Luck amulet is multiplying the % by what the luck stat is, in turn destroying your total amount of luck.

Could you link me to where the dev stated that about luck I do have hard time to find that information.

Its does make sense to me that “rare” armor give more luck than
easily craftable T5 food. I can craft 100 T5 food easily while gathering 5 T5 mining gear is way more hard and crafting them even worse.

But i do think we are missing something does 30% PvP gathering is equal to 30% Mining luck or does there different luck for different rarity that’s being said there probably something broken in luck system or we don’t have a information.

Luck system is bugged. Or maybe Orichalcum veins are bugged. I don’t know. But what I do know is that tapping Orichalcum veins is very unrewarding, at least in comparison to other resource nodes. It just doesn’t want to drop anything.

Other people say the amulets are broken, but I wouldn’t know since my amulets are perked towards damage resistance and not luck.

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I saw the video of that dude who claims “he has proven” that the amulett gives negative luck instead of positive. I’ve checked his numbers and his tests base on too low numbers to “prove” or even strengthen his assumption. Too low number, too high variance, questionable test variables.

But let’s assume for a second he’s right, that the amulett subtracts luck instead of adding it. Then my luck modifier would have been +108.2% instead of +127.2%. So what?

Do you have any proof for that claim?

With gatherables in particular, increasing your gathering skill adds base luck to your roll, with Level 200 granting a total bonus of 2000 to your base rolls.

Well, Luck still seems to be broken in some cases…
Today I got 6 Smolderhide, 0 Scarhide in 40 min from farming boars. I had no competition and I killed A LOT of them. Usally I get 100 / 100 in this time.
Used Pvp flag, nearly perfect equipment (3x 600 Skinning Clothes and quite good other parts), good pick axe, 2 basic trophies, 1 minor, best buff food.

Yeah, RND means you can be “unlucky” some times. But its not like you get just “less”, some runs are good, some are very good and others are just a disaster…
I farm Smolderhide and Scarhide every day, on 3 different spots and it doesnt feel right…

Bad luck because of RND means you have a “not so good round” and not, that you get nothing or next to nothing…

And we already had problems with luck, remember the 1.1 patch notes about the “sweet spot”… So dont say, that this cant be a thing… ^^

1000 luck = 1% not 10%, this was proven on test videos and in game.

I would just be safe and remove it. Do so and see what happens.

Math is a bit off there. Max luck you can obtain for gathering is 68.5%. Food gives max 2%, not 20%.

im mining rn 1.5 hours no cinnabar or tolvium with 39% luck in gear bonus 30% pvp and luck foor and nothing at all

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not had even as much as a gem or crafting mod literally hour and a half and only orichalcum

would love to believe its RnG but i dont 2 hours mining and nothing no gems, not tolv, no cinna, no mods just orichalcum

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the best part is that because of this rng and the requirement of low tier materials to do anything with stuff like orichalcum it ends up on the market for 0,01$ each. because people need to mine a stupid amount of it to find it :slight_smile:

AGS seriously whoever is doing the numbers, Talk to that guy.

Elite mob lvl 50 up north i found took like 10 min to kill as a 60 ( it isnt even dmging me too much) ← not relevant but good example.

And the rng is just off-set way too much especially when people are specialising to find it.

Tests have shown that the amulets with gathering luck provide a negative (not even neutral effect). In multiple test scenarios harvesting 500 boars, adding an amulet to everything else REDUCED the drop rate of rares significantly.

Edit: The author of that video has released a new one and debunked his original theory. His new finding is that amulets are working as intended.

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I think luck is just entirely broken at certain ranges.
I’ve been doing some skinning experiments, and I intentionally go low skinning luck for certain items now.

I’ve done 3 different runs killing 125 of the same wolf and skinning them with ~60% total skinning luck - on two of the three runs I got shadowfur from exactly one wolf, and got no shadowfur at all on one run, so 2/375

3 runs killing 125 of the same wolf with ~27% skinning luck (just the knife + 200 skinning) and I got 2, 2, and 3 wolves where i received shadowfur, or 7/375, so with less than half the skinning luck the drop rate of shadowfur somehow increased from 0.5% to 1.9%

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same, i occassionally get the cinnabar and rarely the tolvium and i havent found a single void ore yet, a guy on my server is selling it x42 so i guess im doing something wrong. or that guy didnt sleep for the past 2 weeks.

its pissing me off just a total waste of my time farming to get nothing

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What you say has been disproven by dev statements (dev blog) and data mining (nwdb.info). The sources have been quoted in this thread. It’s 1% luck = 100 point ROL.

Read the sources (dev blog and data mining from nwdb.info) in this thread. It’s 100 points ROL = 1% luck, so 2000 points ROL from T5 buff food equals +20% luck.

I have already commented on that video and it’s shortcomings. Too low test numbers, too high variance, inproper test variables. There may or may not be something off with the amulett. It’s pure speculation. But even IF it would subtract luck instead of adding it, then I’d still have a +108.2% mining luck bonus (instead of +127.2%). It wouldn’t explain the 0 drop rate.

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