147 000 Orichalum later

Its possible to not get it farming 10 000s of ore as it is possible to hit it on the 1st orac node you farm aswell. Thats what luck/RNG is. I think more important question is if the mining luck trophy, gear and food is working correctly

Once i removed my helmet …baam …void drops .

was mentioned that if you go over 100 % chance that it goes into negative

Im still amazed that you got 3 major mining trophies already, that’s insanely lucky.

It’s cause of all the dupers, orichalcum ores dont get farmed as much on my server anymore yet there’s a never ending supply of void ore.

yo i get void ore every 5000 or so… its not even that hard to get dropped. you must be doing something wrong. - I have found out though… the longer you mine in one session = higher chance of getting void.

I found out if i mined 3k one day… went to sleep… 3K another day went to sleep… i wouldnt never actually get a void drop. I would have to do long mining sessions of around 5k and sometimes up to 8-10k ori before they start droppping.

There was a piece of information on the blog post that explains this and was largely ignored or not noticed by everyone I have seen talking about it.

We set up these tables to “open up” more as your base luck grows to avoid inundating lower-skill-level players with less-common items that they would have no use for until progressing much further in other, relevant skills.


They don’t come right out and clearly say so but I would wager that unless you have a crafting and refining profession leveled up enough to unlock a crafting recipe that uses void ore then you cant actually get void ore drops.

That’s the “beauty” of badly designed RNG systems.

I farmed for a dragonglory flower for ages. I even swore in global chat I was either going to get it to drop or I wouldn’t complete the main mission at all. I eventually gave up and bought it from the TP for 40 gold. In the following day I got TWO of them to drop (at the same time - same loot roll) from one dragonglory node I walked by and randomly harvested.

I know some people love RNG and I’ve come to terms with the fact I’ll never understanding those people.

The same system that (according to the developers, at least - if it’s true I have no idea) increases your chances for a HWM rise every time you don’t get one must be present in everything that involves RNG.

There are places where RNG is OK (like combat damage variation for example), but gating progress behind RNG is sad.

got like 4k orichalcum and dropped around 50 tolvium, 25 cinnabar and 1 void ore…

i got 4 void ore in the past 3 days of farming it. the problem is too many competing it gets very frustrated

Because it isn’t calculated as a percent. It was all explained in a recent dev blog

I’m just gonna go ahead and say that, at this point, you probably like the infinite grind and maybe just hasn’t realized that yet. If you still think that’s fun, then you should probably be happy that you haven’t got a single void ore to drop. That means you’re not even close to “finishing” the game and still have much more time to enjoy it, mining orichalcum for all eternity.

Cool story bro.
Prove you have mined 147,000 orichalcum ore and got nothing out of it.
Cool story.
What kind of moron would believe you? Have you been non stop mining ori for the last 3 weeks? Or on an absolutely dead server?

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lmao that thread title…

am I the only thinking “yeah … that’s how this dude probably planned his experience with the game … by farming 147k orichalcum for 100+ hours”

there’s something seriously wrong here ^^

That kind of bad luck would make me quit the game.

I agree with op.

My first ever oric node dropped 1 void ess and 1 void ore. The first node I ever hit. After this I’ve only gotten cinnabar. I haven’t counted all the ore I’ve mined because it’s almost worthless.

That’s funny because void essence isn’t mined from Orichalcum.

I’ll make a new bug post about this.

Fake post. It is impossible to get such low amount of Cinnabar and Tolvium.

Chance to get Tolvium or Cinnabar with 200 mining skill (and nothing else) is about 1 out of 500 veins (average amount of Tolvium/Cinnarbar is: 5.5)

Assuming the average yield of 1 vein is about 40 ore: so you minded 3500 ores.

That is 3500/500*5.5 = 38.5 Tolvium/Cinnarbar.

Please correct your numbers and do not post something that did not happen.

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You mean either OP is lying or the maths in game are bugged?

Mmmh which one could it be? :thinking:

You need a min amount of luck for void around 38-40% min and it is a double roll of luck not single. …It is hard as balls to get, The prices are down and i would up getting a bonus when i smelted into ingot as well as a buddy. You have better luck the longer you do it as RNG sucks lol