1.66 Patch - Intermittent Loss of Achievements & Titles

Glad to see that finally this was addressed in the latest patch and it was great when I first logged in today BUT see the screenshot below. I normally do not leave the Steam client up and running as it seems that the intermittent loss is more frequent when I relaunched the game with the Steam client sitting idle. Alas, now I see goobly gook characters on my achievements screen -

Hey there @Darken!

Sorry to know you’re having issues with the intermittent loss of Achivements and titles.

This is a known bug, and the team is working to solve it.

Some players have reported that verifying the integrity of the game files has solved the issue for them so you can give that a try.

If I can help with anything else let me know. Stay safe!

Just a F/U update. I went into an expedition and when I came out of it, my achievement screen is OK now?!!?

Just an FYI. And yes, I would have done the file validation but did not get a chance to log out. But it looks like it fixed itself!

As you mentioned in the initial post, this is very erratic, it appears and disappears randomly, of course that’s not the intended behavior. Your achievements/titles will remain there, just not visible.

Thanks for all the updates, appreciate it a lot, and keep me posted on this one! Have a good one! :smiley:

@Santoryu - While you guys are working on the Achievements glitch, can you walk over to the coders in charge of the ingame store and ask if they can restock it with some new and fun stuffs please?

Thank you sir!

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For sure, and thanks for such a polite request!

I’ll make sure to let them know you folks want new stuff in the store! :saluting_face:

Keep an eye at the News & Announcements Section for updates on this. Stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day! :smiley:


Thank you sooooo muuuuuch!!! :slight_smile:


wow if all the mods/devs would respond like this my god would that be awesome. thanks for the update @Santoryu <3