1850 hours healer... R.I.P

1850 hrs played as healer… R.I.P.

Having a ton of a fun playing as a melee bruiser though…never in any game have I EVER stopped playing a healer which I LOVE to play a melee class…

-R.I.P. Healers-


P.S. Great patch though lol slow clap

I also have now a tank and a DD gear - and i would stop healing randoms in any Dungeon - at a server with a pop at 350… xD

the game is dying and ags is doing its best for it…

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And Healer Haters gonna complain in June too just you wait.


I am playing as a Healer, Tank and Melee dps, My gear score is 625 (i am doing M10 expeditions as well, participate in pvp, etc) but from now i will do the same as other people doing become a support only for my friends, nobody else, because random people do not deserve my effort as a person who supporting theirs game at theirs activites. They wanted nerf healing, nerf everythink what was supposed to be support, so ok let them. I hope more healers, tanks will do the same.


i agree whit you 100% …insted they make more firendly the game more diversity they just focuz on dps and light armore … i go back to chill in classic wow whit my boomer friends

Play light armor and you’ll be fine.

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Get good

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git gud :smiley:


they killed a class and people say “oh just play something else” great let me try to roll nice gear for a few more months like i did with healing.

they made healing a joke, and all because they dont know how to balance things. They coulda put teh cast time on sacred ground, or did a longer CD on LE but they slowed us down so hard that we get killed so easily

gonna be real great for the remaining people who play for wars when they die frequently, sur that will go over well for the population.

Or for the pvers who cant find a healer who doesnt keep dying on mutations.

Good luck AGS you need it after this

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oh no heavy brainless healers can;t stand against 5 other people, they killed healers 12#$!!@#@


Nobody cares about heavy healers

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I lnow a lot of fire staff and great axe and ice gauntlet players quit when their weapons were nerfed due to community request but I honestly can’t say I’d ever boycott support or tank players in game content and refuse to dps for any group.

What an entitled princess way to think. Almost all weapons have neen nerfed.

Its the devs fault for not being able to seperate pve and pvp healing not the players.

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The other changes i can get on board for but the cast time on lights embrace is a joke. Walk slowly like an idiot waiting for it to cast. Meanwhile the mobs chasing you kill you quick. I would of prefered a long cool down. Its just shit now :frowning:

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STR builds can run six different main weapons, should one get nerfed. Most generous of the builds.

INT builds have three (at the minimum) main weapon options.

DEX has two main weapons for PvP and four or more options for PvE.

What does focus get? A healing stick that can’t even heal too well.


dont want play light armor, i quit with this shit game and hope for the new wow expansion, it sounds very good,

the devs cant balance, they destroy only the game mechanics… it fells like, they want destroy her game…

and pls, not say play this light armor shit


The biggest problem isn’t the nerf. It’s the way the nerf was done. It was quite heavy handed, but worse than that, it makes it clunky. There were SO MANY posts with alternate ways to achieve the same end result that didn’t make healing feel bad.

And you’ll notice that most people aren’t even griping about the heavy armor stuff, they’re griping about the Light’s embrace cast time because it will get you killed. Both in PVE and PVP.


Its so expensive to switch builds. I have a couple thousand hours into the game and only one competitive pvp build. Most players are like that who have tried the game.

Its the hardcore that have sets for numerous builds.

I have a somewhat decent GA/Hammer build and thats it. And even then the nerfs to GA.lunge and pursuit as well as heavy armor in general sucking for pvp Ive had to start over. I went to medium, then that was also crap compared to light so have been starting to puece together items on a light set.

It takes time for most of us to switch. My builds are in shambles and my great axe still is only half decent because GA’s cost a small fortune to buy.


It is unreasonably pay-to-win to reroll gear. Through time-gated CDs, rare drops (timeless shards + rare weapon mods), less chances to win than in blackjack.

The changes that are being made every other combat patch totally ignores that reality. Which is the main issue and will be moving forward once weapons are on the forefront of balance changes.

Let’s face it, weapons are basically the same since launch and closed beta (if you were in beta.) If you played on launch, quit and came back today, you would notice the same weapons from launch haven’t changed much.

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Healers are must have to play 3vs3. Thats how they got nerfed. If you dont have one in team chnces you can win match are closing to 0. Playd like 20+ 3vs3 now and only in 1 game where enemy had healer and our didnt we won. Its close to imposible to kill light armor healer since most 3 vs 3 are premades so his team isnt going to watch how you 2-3 vs 1 healer.