190 hours lvl 44 (almost) full feedback

okay so first off love the game in general.

  1. love the fact no special map needed or ganking involved. A true community type MMO where both PvE and PvP can co-exist (GREAT concept)
  2. yes the grind can be a bit tiresome but once you learn basic mechanics of the game and understand there is bonus system with crafting multiple sets of the same item versus making only 1 best thing. you will fly through those levels to build better stuff.
  3. I strongly feel until the map is increased at a later time then mounts would not be needed. maybe just make Azoth a bit easier to get. trade centers do sell azoth but at insanely high prices. this is one of the few things that I am sure anyone playing will agree the prices are high.
  4. There is a few typos or area labeling issues but for the most part everything is fairly clear what is needed to complete a quest.

Last a suggestion: Have Developers set a fair market price to be adhered to in all trade centers with a mild flux up or down. Example US EAST - Empi server currently you can buy Starmetal ore for like .25 a piece. My issue with this is 2 things.
1st, it is unfair to players that are playing the game as intended and grinding to lvl 100 mining only to see it sell that cheap (why mine, why grind?)
2nd this will also hurt the controlling company’s economy since the tax base on the trade centers items will be only on that extremely low value which in turn makes for an unbalanced and unfair game.

Price controls don’t work in any economy as intended; they either create excess supply when they’re overpriced or no supply when they’re under priced.

Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in one Lesson” is a good place to start.

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