1st wave of transfers and still not fixed for me

When US east was allowed to transfer I followed all the directions and began a transfer to Pluto. After arriving on MACARIA, with my screen saying Pluto, this was resolved after 3 login and logouts. But then for 3 days I couldn’t save any progress.

After dealing with this stuff enough I contacted support. I was told it happened to others as well and would be fixed asap.

So I still sit on my server with no new xfer token, no return of my gold that was lost due to nothing saving.

I feel like chat support needs to be given the ability to fix more then they are. They basically keep saying they aren’t permitted to do anything and they will submit another ticket.

They need to get some of the older issues fixed asap, it’s been long enough. My server hits 450 on max pop, most moved off, and yet I’m stuck because of their low grade devs releasing transfers that were broken

Hello LamaCorn,

Im sorry for the issue you currently have after changing the server.

Our Dev team posted the following information about transfers: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 .

I hope this helps!

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