1v1 Tournament Meta v Meta

All the meta GA/WH made it to the final, hopefully next patch we get to see different builds that will compete with the GA/WH. I’m looking forward for the GA nerf because I want to replace it soon


musket rapier is meta 1v1. GH/WH is easymode and the people you were fighting against weren’t good enough to dodge to overcome it.

Stop posting vids of yourself killing shitters and afks pretending this is the meta, its kinda cringe.

that first musket/repair shit all over you and the only reason he didn’t do it again was because he failed to dodge your slow attacks. Not a very interesting or good demonstration of skill.


Someone seems mad

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GA is just broken atm thats why its getting nerfed and so many people using it for the broken lunge

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Its oceanic server so i suppose some might have high ms

These arent shit tier players, its almost impossible to avoid every single cd

hahaha ur clearly a terrible hammer/axe player… in no duel ever should a bruiser lose to musket rapier if they dont suck


Thanks for proving you are trashtier @fjordpvp. Being the utter tard you are, you didn’t notice he lost the first duel to musket/rapier.

The only reason musket/rapier lost cosecutuive duels was because he failed to dodge the first hammer stun. A noob mistake.

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So rapier musket guys must immune every single WH cd or they are bad?

You got it. A slow ass weapon like WH? You shouldn’t even be able to use WH against someone in light armor. The fact you are able to hit light armor players with WH shows how bad they are.

Post some vids if you beating someone other than trash tier players.


He lost the first duel because he played awful and hit 2 ripostes without dodging, missed reap and missed grav, you are bad face it…

It was only 1 fight I vs light armor guy the rest we had same builds. I reckon you show us a clip of you in pvp so we can take notes

remember you last vid was like “look guys GA OP 3v1” and had a vid of you killing someone in mining gear. LMAO!!!

Your bias is showing.

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Literally untrue, you have charge, reap, grav, bloodlust (faster than us), med armour is also way more dmg mitigation than the dmg increase light armour gives, more dodges/iframes and you tp 5 metres with each light attack without having to use stam… Dex players have light roll but when we want to shoot you we have to stop and wait with bow for 2 seconds at a time and musket can only shoot 2 times every 7 seconds, meaning you can easily use all those gap closers because musket has 0 movement other than fleche and evade and no flat movement speed increase like yourself. Im not even a good bruiser but ill go bruiser on PTR on any server tomorrow and clap you 10-0 if u go musket… u down?

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Not just me saying it was broken, everyone on the forum for that video were saying the GA is broken regardless if the guys had mining gear

thanks for proving you are just a theorycraftidiot who nobody can take seriously

Reality is that GA/WH is kited all day long by light armor. You simply cannot keep up with the dodge/rolls. If you weren’t trash tier, you might understand that.


Is that from ur experience playing GA/WH and losing to rapier/musket every time?

But you wont duel me on PTR? nobody take notice of this bot unless he 1v1s me and ill put the vid of me clapping him on here to prove him wrong

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I reckon you should post videos of you displaying those insane skills in pvp

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i’m not an attention seeking man-child. I don’t got time for that shit.

why dont you post some more vids of you killing miners with “look guys GA OP! REEEE!”

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