1v1 Tournament Meta v Meta

You don’t have time because you probably don’t even pvp at all

says the shitter crutching GA/WH. and posting “look OP GUYZ!!” videos

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Its not just me saying its OP a lot of people are saying GA is busted that’s why its getting nerfed

its not OP, its just easy. Its good at capitalizing on mistakes. Someone who actualy dodges your warhammer will shit all over your noob spec.

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That’s why I lose duels if I mess up WH cd I cant always land them meanwhile GA is just left click

I want to see you play someone who riposte your charge.

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hamaxe isnt 1v1 meta, never was. its only good for beating up noobs

its pretty busted in wars though, but its mostly the hammer, not the axe. path of destiny spam is bananas

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braindead build btw

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As a bruiser this is only option you have atm not everyone wants to play musket rapier

That’s the thing with light armor, you miss 1 dodge, you’re dead, 1v1 meta I’d say, rapier spear with heavy armor, or rapier bow with medium. In a confined space light armor won’t do much.

1v1 should be like this:

Both fighter needs to openly layout and lock up the gear set 15 mins before the actual duel. Then spectators can bet with gold on the fight based on the specs and gears. It should be played best-of-3 rounds.


Was LS/VG combo not allowed or whys there so many WH/GAs? :smiley: i cant lose vs bruiser

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Life staff wasn’t allowed we had one or two guys use void gauntlet but they were undergeared

Our server Erythia is very small I assumed GA was meta because we see those users everywhere and a lot of people asking for nerfs which I support

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nobody talking about a full life leech void/life staff/heavy armor build? odd. Camelot has a different breed of meta.

Yeah, probably the majority of good players will select the safest and most reliable setup.

either way, good video man. Not many people like doing this stuff- regardless of the skill levels displayed, it was fun either way and a neat little event. Good on you guys.

Those who came here to talk shit as if they are the best, who cares lol you should have joined a tourney and made 10k gold too then, if you did post it so I can watch. aside from that, keep on putting on those events, it’s fun and cool for the server.


Come to Themiscyra server, every GA gets shitted on by Mage, Rapier, Musket, Bow, even Sword/Shield with Spear… GA is not meta, it is like someone said…“easy to use” but NOT OP. Easiest to kite by light armor with dodge roll/sheath, un-sheath weapon, full Dex build. It is the best weapon in wars combined with War Hammer because of Grav well and path of destiny along with shockwave. It is a huge weapon, that makes people want to use because they look like some Conan Barbarian wielding it lol. The same is going to happen when Great Sword comes out, it is BIG and cool looking, so A LOT WILL USE these weapons. On our server, Muskets, Bow and Mages dominate our OPRs, but specifically Muskets.


No they don’t. Bad ones do.

GA is highly represented in every form of high end competitive PvP in the current iteration of the game. One of the strongest dueling builds in the game is GA/Sword. GA/Hammer is at least 75+% of every war.

GA is the most mobile melee weapon in the game, and synergizes with almost any melee weapon that struggles to close a gap. Which is most of them.

Only if it’s a Bow/Rapier, otherwise it gets ran over by GA, and then squashed by whatever weapon the GA is bringing to the table beside it.

Yes, because those play styles are inherently more enjoyable then LMB spam. Instead of looking at a game mode with effectively no reward for winning/losing, look at metrics where winning is desirable, like Wars, where GA is ubiquitous, or Duels, where GA is very well represented.

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That sounds dangerous my server has like 100 or 200 peak lol we don’t really get to see all the different builds and I have already used my transfer sadly so I’m hoping merge will save us