2 defense wars?

So i have a short question since i can’t really find much with google for once.

We control 2 regions.

Yet i can set only 1 timeframe for wars.

What happens if both zones get declared war on the same day? Do we have to defend both and both wars will start at the exact same time?

Or can we only be declared one war per day?

We got thrown into conflict on both but then only got declared 1 war. Coincidence or is it impossible to have 2 wars (defensive ones) per day?

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This is why many communities/groups make different companies so they can control two different war times. It’s dumb, but that’s the fix for now.

But IF they can only declare 1 war on us per day that is not needed. I mean they threw both regions into conflict but only declared war on one region. Not both. So im not sure. Maybe it was just bugged. We also pushed a region once then it said unable to declare war-> invasion …but there was no invasion :sweat_smile::rofl:

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