2 months in. Still the same UI bugs, why?

The compass that randomly stops working, the icons for everything becoming random objects and the trading post sale notifications in combat making all of your abilities disappear until you double tap esc or tab. Others to a lesser extent, like the achievements, that have been ‘fixed’ multiple times.

Why are these seemingly simple UI bugs that cause so much disruption still issues? I’m not a programmer, I don’t know anything about code, but I’ve never played a game where UI bugs like this get ignored for so long.

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lol Ikr and lets not forget random icons

Bigger fish to fry I think. Also hope they get worked out after mergers. The Chat UI (and chat lag) is what kills me the most.

I 100% think mergers should be the highest priority, but I don’t think they’re prioritising things very well.

At the very least surely it would be quick to just give us a /reloadui command that makes these bugs less annoying, and also helps with the inevitable future UI bugs.

I’m with you dude. I really am. Seems like an easy thing to implement…

In the meantime, I’d re-log all day long to fix UI issues if I had the opportunity for a full server so I could do OPR quickly or find GS runs.

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These bugs (and others) have been in the game for a very long time – since Alpha. I don’t know at this point if they are unfixable, if AGS is understaffed, or what. . .

also voice chat bug when you recall to your house

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