2 months of bug fixes- so many players will quit

It’s truly a shame you guys need so much time on bugs you guys create yourselves.

It’s almost as if there’s no incentive to play the ptr and have players test the bugs for you and when players do test this stuff and report bugs to AGS devs you guys introduce them to live without listening and break the damn live game time and time again and then allow these bugs to persist in live and ruin game play for players. Thus, forcing more and more players to quit.

Truly seems like ags can’t create a single update to bring players back or increase new players and every month/update introduced reduces peak count. Very sad

On top of all this you guys can’t seem to learn that time gating the very minuscule amount of content there is In new world is bad. Anyone that runs m10s can do a run in typically 20 mins. 25x20 is about 8 hours of content a week.

Wars are gated bcuz most ppl don’t and never got a shot at them so keep killing your game ags you’re doing well!

Opr is the same map since launch, literally 99.99999% of people are bored with it.

Arenas- no one does them

Pushing war content is the worst thing on this game and so pointless for a 30min war. devs managed to ruin open world pvp that used to exist with fort caps and great cleave missions.

Territory management and claiming has been busted since launch with the amount of inflow. With 2 months of bug fixes imagine all the gold companies will be accumulating with little to no activity on the trade post and limited mutations the average and casual player WILL NEVER be able to keep up and the wealth disparity continues to grow.


Where did they say they are doing bug fixes for the next few months? I cant find anything about that.

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The team is looking for additional telemetry in order to improve the Group Finder. There will be an update coming today on the PTR with Group Finder changes so any help we can get in the PTR would be super appreciated. You can find those notes here: [Downtime] PTR Update: August 18th, 2022

For August and September, we’ll be focusing on bug fixes so you’ll see those in the rolling PTR!

The August Dev Update is coming at the end of the month but I don’t have a specific date to share just yet. Keep an eye out on Twitter! We usually post a teaser before we release it.


Fort caps are still a thing, and I’ve had some of my favorite pvp moments doing it.

GC should have never been a thing.

Join a company that wants to do wars, and get slotted. Not difficult…unless you’re absolutely garbage at your build.

I get into wars but that’s beside the point bcuz most people don’t and aren’t afforded the slot bcuz it’s hardcore as hell at this point bcuz of gold

Not really the primary reason.

It’s because it’s extremely competitive right now. The only ones that gets slots, are known players and players that are in the company that did the declare.

No one is going to slot someone that may not know what they’re doing, that won’t follow direction and so on. They want to be sure you know your build and have aquired the minimum gear for your build (doesn’t necessarily mean you need full bis btw)

Just join a company that wants to do wars → yeah that’s not possible now.
Those companies doing the wars are all full or have people they want doing them - new people wont have any real chance and plenty of posts on here and Reddit already show this.

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Naw, it’s not difficult lol.

I can name SEVERAL (mine included) that is always looking to add players to a roster, that aren’t potatoes.

good for you then - not been my or other experiences and probably wont be any of the new or returning players experiences

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I wish they would post here also. I don’t go on Twitter, nor do I want to


To add to that people like me have been trying to tell the developers that this system wouldn’t work since pre-beta, its too exclusive for such a important system

Put in the effort to seek out a company that needs roles filled. It’s not difficult lol. Once you spend time in a server, you’ll see who’s actively trying to get declares. Just takes a simple request to join.

You’re exaggerating and making zero effort to get into wars, if you feel that’s the truth

Your missing the point. → i could put all the effort i wanted if the company that is holding the towns has 100 people in their company there all geared, been to almost every way there not rooster you → it doesn’t matter how much i or others want to get in.

i am not exaggerating if you truly believe that its easy to get into them your as deluded as it comes.

They have a major vested interest to hold the town - why would they ever slot randoms. this happened before i left on hades and after i returned, abaton, bari.


Well yea, if you’re trying to join a top tier company. One that already went through their bumps and scrapes to get good enough to own a territory. Players that fill their ranks, earned their slot.

You can do the same.

It’s the only competitive part of the game lol…i mean seriously, what do you expect

its like talking to a wall

the top tiers will almost always own the towns.

Just because your experience is fine doesn’t mean mine and others cant be terrible because of the system doesn’t work - that’s not my opinion thats been my experience of this game, its not up for debate.

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Ok? Then take a break and come back when content gets added. What are you complaining about :joy:


i did, nothing changed (referring to wars).

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You’re talking about wanting in wars.

So basically, you’re only interested in joining a top tier company, as a complete unknown random?

Instead of filling a slot for an attacking company that is working on improving to take territories?

In other words, you want minimal risk of losing…so you’re crying about a top company not wanting to slot unknowns? When they already have their roster…

You’re an odd fellow.

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you know that you can do all that and still have time to participate in wars right? - why are you twisting what i am writing to suit your agenda.

I and a lot others cant get into wars its a major problem and barrier to returns/new players.
its as simple as that. The system doesn’t work - either contribute something meaningful or go away.

i am complaining because i dont want your response → i would like the developers to be aware of this problem.


Lol, I’m just confused.

You’re saying it’s hard to get into wars. Yet, if you join a company that is actively pushing and participating in wars, you get get in the slots, if you’re a competent player.

Then you say that top tier companys wont let you join and slot you.

I don’t understand you. You want in a company that don’t need to fill slots…yet complaining that NO ONE will slot you.

The war system is fine. The current system of pushing territories absolutely is not fine. It’s boring and excessive…that I agree with.

The 50 vs 50 limited slot mechanic is fine…and it’s fun AF. You just have to put effort into being competitive, and you don’t want to do that. You just want to be instantly accepted into a company that usually wins.

Pick your complaint man.