2 new game modes

2 new game modes for pvp

  1. Company forts.
    Every company has their fort. Members gather and help build maintain.
    Forts are attackable cross server
    League for company attacks / defenses
    Company has to have a minimum 30 members to own fort.
    Members have to have a tenure of 30 days to participate in attack or defense of a company fort.
    Removes requirement to be a territory owner
    Cant lose fort but can be raided for gold , etc

  2. Outlaw mode
    Set yourself to outlaw mode. Attackable by any factuon member.
    Cant enter towns.
    Cant fast travel
    You location and status appears on map for all to see.
    League for longest survivor.
    Rewards for both outlaw and sherrif ( person who takes down outlaw)

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