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The updated info on server transfers stated “Your own region”.

We moved to WC servers on the 29th due to the …debacle at release. Are we going to have to reroll if we wish to continue on East coast servers?


The respawn timers…Will these ever be adjusted? Fighting 3 level 60 mobs with a life staff, and then trying to loot the nearby supply box, is nearly impossible. If there are 4 mobs that aggro to the area, then there is not a way I can do it with lvl 60 mobs.

is this a launch thing or is this how things are?

  1. West Coast and East Coast are seperate unfortunately so you’d have to restart your character if you want to server transfer to that region
  2. I think they over compensated respawn times a lot and so there are a lot of areas where mobs spawn faster than you can kill them (life staff user as well). For chests mostly try and cheese them, most mob aggeo->attack delay is around the time it takes to get the chest so I just swoop in and out

Literally from the same post you read. Pretty self explanatory…

Thanks for assholing it for me. I mean, I get it , you must have dozed off as Abyssal clarified since AMERICA is a region of the world where as CALIFORNIA VS NEW YORK are time zones. granted, responding after the fact, in the manner you did, is just a clown trying to clown.

You’re welcome!

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