20% armor perk in con

20% armor perk

IMO this should be the 250 to 300 con perk rather then 200 con perk.

We have already seen the difference between light/medium/heavy armor and the values of armor can do to dictate the meta. For pvp its pretty much Heavy armor or nothing ATM. While not everyone follows this meta including myself. Majority of people play heavy armor. IMO might as well remove all the others at the current state of the game. Moving this higher up in the CON tree could help balance out this meta a bit more. I’m sure removing 20% armor would be a noticeable difference in the tanky feeling of all DPS users and if they wanted to invest more points to get that perk, they would sacrifice more damage to obtain the 20% perk.

  • 200: +20% increase to armor, +10% logging speed
  • 250: 80% damage reduction when full health, +10% yield increase when logging
  • 300: +30% duration of stun, slow, and root spells, 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

Back it up with numbers.
I argue a different way:
Of course you will use heavy armor, the other options dont provide the same min-maxing effects.
Of course you will use 150 constitution for reduced critical strike damage taken.
But no, you dont go to 200 constitition for +20% armor which has a diminished value after 1000 armor points whereas another 50 points into any damaging stat scales up all the same as they did before.

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