20 Company Wars

Right now only 2 companies are really invested in each faction war over a territory. Many others contribute and help, but 1 company has a chance to gain and 1 company has a chance to lose. The rest of the participants don’t have any skin the game. Instead of a war between 2 companies, I want true faction wars between 20 companies.

Still keep it at 50 people per side and a 30 minute war, no real change needed there but instead of selecting 1 leader from the attackers facing the territory own select 10 leaders from different companies. Each leader brings their own squad of 5 people that they select from everyone who signs up. The war leader would be in charge of group 1 and would get the territory.

the other 9 groups would be fighting to control company barracks in the territory. The barracks would offer a little storage and a single taxable crafting table. Taxes would be split between the territory owner and the barracks owner. Obviously, the 9 companies in the faction who already hold said barracks would be fighting to keep their income and leading groups 2 through 10 for the defense. Suddenly we have much more involvement and interest. we have 10x as many spots for companies to invest and 10x as many companies interested and invested in each war. Smaller companies can do alot more and the bigger companies get more support.

The factions end up feeling like an actual side!

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