20% damage nerf to bows on PTR

" * Fixed issue where the Bow Concussion ultimate was applying to all attacks and not just headshots." - most recent PTR notes

This nerf is currently on PTR and my company has just compared it to live servers. This “bug fix” reduces body shots and ALL ability damage by 20%.

The weapon balancing since the games release has all been made assuming bow damage is correct. If you now decide to fix a bug that also nerfs overall damage by almost 20%, then you’re simply ruining a balanced weapon.

The concussion perk should be rephrased and kept as it is on live servers until you find a way to compensate for the massive damage nerf you currently have on PTR.


So… is an error and is better no fix it? Because you are a bow user…

And no fix gold dupe error because some people are gold dupe users

Is that what you are saying, right?


This just further solidified my decision to abandon the bow and move back to musket/rapier.


Yes, it should stay in place because no one has ever complained that bow hits too hard. The complaints are that bow can kite for days. The reason bow NEEDS to kite for days is because it doesn’t hit hard enough to kill people before kiting is required. To say there is now going to be a 20% base damage nerf for no reason whatsoever because “it was a bug” ruins what they “accidentally” had balanced.



Lol the forums are filled with comments saying Bow hits too hard, it’s probably the single biggest complaint by non bow users.

That being said when i run bow i found it’s damage to be appropriate for it’s slow rate of fire. (i don’t do the jump cancellation exploit)

Hopefully they are going to review the DPS this change has caused


If you search bow topics, a majority of them are complaining about how horrible the bow is. The few that actually complain about how OP it is, directly tie that to the rapier which suggests it’s not the damage, but the ability to avoid being hit.

I rarely see people complain about the bow.

Point being: in terms of OP weapons that break the game, it just doesn’t get brought up. The biggest complaint I ever see (and if you want to give specific examples of how I’m wrong, fine) are that people hate bow users because they kite.


As a main bow user, no. As a tester and someone who finds these bugs, goes through the game code, and reports these bug, hell no. This is entirely wrong way of thinking of it. You want to make your baseline game design work first and then balance change off of that, not the other way around.



Like i said its the most common complaint by non bow users (next to the jump animation cancel).

It hits insanely hard to light and medium. It’s easily the hardest hitting single damage hit in the game. But like i said i found that hi hitting damage to be mitigated by the slow fire rate.

… literally everything hits insanely hard in light and medium.


I’m not hitting for upto 7k for a single hit with any other weapon…

Again I’m not calling for a nerf, i think they need to review Bow dps after this change before it goes live.

And i’m not running full glass cannon. Thats with 150 into con

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I’m a bow user and I say, if there’s a bug it should be fixed, no matter what.
On the side note, looking forward to no-bow meta, at least more people will be rushing in to the outpost in OPR instead of staying outside shooting.


The meta has already largely shifted to IG/VG & WH/GA & Muskets sniping from across the map on Valhalla. I don’t think you want more muskets.


I don’t think something being unintended (a bug) instantly qualifies it to be fixed. There are plenty of examples of bugs in games turning into features. So to me that alone isn’t enough justification to fix something. I just hope the devs actually considered the 20% nerf and do think its in a good place afterwards because its going to feel real bad to see all your damage numbers get smaller if you didn’t feel overpowered in the first place and it only changed because it wasn’t supposed to work that way.


Well, if you got a game, you want it running how it is intended. Then you can still add stuff like a buff. I believe that some bigger combat update is coming soon and Bow may get some needed buffs there.

Musket > Bow

Or rather this fix ends that discussion for a longer time. The musket does everything from a longer range, more damage, highe precicions and even better fire rate than the Bow currently does. Well, maybe gonna swap to it for a while. Luckily I also lvled my Musket Expertise.


Bow users should count themselves lucky its just a fix and not a nerf lol.

Fire staff got gutted with 17 nerfs to absolutely everything damage related all because pillar of fire hit twice instead of once.


What balanced weapon? It is worse than pre nerf great axe…


ah reminds me of removing fireball crits :upside_down_face:. They’re just silently nerfing all these weapons instead of buffing, the game will turn into a spongefest soon enough mark my words. Happens to all mmos.

Absorption meta isn’t fun. Unless you’re a tank. Getting people low 10 times while they spam pots and food is not fun gameplay, but unfortunately nothing can save the route this is going. 1vxing is pretty much dead compared to how it was on launch (before/after resil bug). If there’s 2 or 3 people on you and you land every shot on one, it’s so easy for them to health pot, cycle food, body block, etc, since TTK is becoming so low, you can’t ever down people anymore unless you’re VG/IG and nuke someone who w keys you around a corner. (wpvp,fortpvp,etc)

I remember when you could land 2 or 3 good shots on someone forcing a pot then knocking them in 3 more good shots, now it’s almost double that both ways. Game will continue turning into sponge meta, making all encounters either 1v1 or Run v X. Happened to ESO, happening to NW. It’s just gonna be a “fun while it lasted” thing and every decent player will just move on and stop playing. They got like 1 balance patch left to see where things go, hopefully it goes the right way.


As I said it once and will say it thousand times. AGS sees their combat system as mainly melee with some range weapons, they want people to melee! Therefore range weapons will always seen in a kind of negative life, where nerfs or rather non-buffs will be seen more preferable than any kind of buffs. Prove me otherwise should I be wrong on this.


add more points in DEX to do damage that is balance