20% healing bonus with light armor


I’ve heard that 20% damage on light armor is supposed to be applied to healing as well.

This is great news, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t in reallity.

So I have three questions: :slight_smile:

  • Is the healing power supposed to be impacted by this bonus (So we currently have a bug?)
  • If so, can we expect something quickly fixed ?
  • If no, we can consider that all healers should use heavy armor then, with potential melee gameplay. Are we sure it’s something good for the game itself?

Thanks !


As far as I know, and this may have changed since the last patch, it is currently bugged. Someone on my previous server did some testing and found that damage % works, but healing does not. If it is still like that, healers are better off wearing heavy armor at this time.

This test was posted on Oct 22nd.

Wearing light armor should give 20% bonus damage and healing per what it currently says in-game.

Oh well, seems like they changed the description text. Then its bugged.

All healing is based off damage so even if that was the description it should work, but the description says damage and healing. The light armor is bugged as hell even for damage though.

Thanks for you answers.

I guess if they added the sentence about “healing”, we can conclude it is officially sure.

Thanks @Kyriona for your screenshot. It helps to confirm the bug. I didn’t play with statistics, but that was more a personal feeling in game on my side.

(Note : Even if this content was posted october 22. Maybe it has evolved with last patchnote)

Anyway, thanks guys !

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You’re welcome! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. =) happy gaming!

Someday we’ll be able to trust what the tool tips actually say.

That day is not today…or tomorrow for that matter. Next week is also not looking good.

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Here’s the thing though.

Yes, it provides a bonus to your base damage. That damage does not scale with your attributes which effectively mean that the difference between a light armor and a heavy armor player is 8% damage and healing.

No one has ever said you didn’t get the 20% damage bonus, what we have said is that it ends up being 8% when you take into account attributes and that is why no one uses light armor.

I tested this during the first week of release. So in Live, different armor weights have had no bearing at all on Healing output (regardless of tool tip).

PS everyone should know that the majority of tool tips are either misleading or just plain wrong.

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