204 jobs unfulfilled at AGS

Alright, as many of you know I am a big New World fan, hence my name. However, as many of you pointed out problems I decided to take a closer look. Here’s some facts as of today.

  • There’s 204 jobs unfulfilled at AGS (that’s their old name, now they’re just called Amazon Games).
  • 78 of 204 are classified as software development, however, most of the 204 are technically software related, not all to New World, so they may be putting New World on back burner. For example, Machine Learning is a separate category, but the job postings relates to New World’s automated QA or fraud detection software algorithms.
    *New World related jobs have gone unanswered from 1 to 4 months. For example they’re trying to hire a server engineer for 4 months now… And a VFX artist for 1 month now… Why is nobody answering? (I buy all their store cosmetic stuff, but maybe this is why it takes so long for a new cosmetic to come out).

Not sure what’s going on why are people not answering Amazon Games’ job posts… Heck if I was a game dev, I’d jump right on it.

So hopefully this at least maybe answers some of the delays we are seeing. They simply don’t have people answering/working on New World. I will keep them in my prayers.

Fine print/safe harbor: I may have totally mis-read their job posting website and therefore interpreted this wrong. If so, great.

Here is the answer why they never talk about anticheat

They don’t have a designated dev working on it :rofl:


this is realy concerning, lets hope they are simply waiting the region launch to actual hire.

No, you would not.

That is simply wrong. They are using easy anti cheat, like many others.
That is developed by someone else, not AGS.
Of course eac has to detect new world cheats and someone must put in the effort to analyse all the cheats that are on offer on the web and put the detection into eac.
How that work is distributed between eac and ags, I dont know.
But it does happen…after each update to it, there are ban waves and 3/4 of the musket players gone. It just does not happen frequently enough.

Yeah, what I meant is that staff never talk about anticheat on the forums

of course not.