2300+ plus hours and poof....gone

Adios, it was fun and those that are still having fun please continue to do so. Way to many other options to play that actually work. Good luck to Amazon on trying to salvage an aborted fetus. I have watched entire discord communities of 200+ disappear in to the wind. This is all on you. I gave every bit of my 500k gold cap away for free to every suspected bot on my server prior to the last patch so it could be sold and be put back into the very economy you allowed to be destroyed.


Now departing from gate “nobody cares”….


Nobody cares because every1 is about to leave hahahahahahahahahaha


See u in lost ark buddy, im next but i dont want leave my 800k jst yet… might it or throw it off the ground

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Yea, soon there will be nobody left to care at this rate.

Are you mad, who in the right mind would change to another game run by the same people :smiley:


Im sure AGS does not care they continually lose potential sales in the cash shop and on expansion releases. Im sure they don’t care that people typically don’t join a game that is bleeding players. Why would they want more money or a healthy player base across 100’s of servers when they could have just a few servers per region of people that aren’t buying off the cash shop.

Why would anyone care when they aren’t making enough income to support future content? If you like the game you should care.

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Same publisher period… but not the same developer ehh


Many have mentioned that unlike NW, AGS is just the publisher and not developer for LA.

Still not going to give them money for it tho, sorry LA devs, shoulda just self-published.


Amazon is only publisher of Lost Ark. No access to source code or game design.

This is where I’m at on that, the AGS tag is quickly amounting to disappointment. Giving them the idea that I approve of their direction is not something I’m interested in.


2300+ hours? Someone has left the game running while afk day and night.


Right? They are doing their mind and body a real favor by leaving.

edit: autocorrect fix

Its possible that includes beta/alpha time playing.

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True, true.

2300+ plus hours and poof RL gone


Why do you waste your life on games and gaming forums?

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Or pulling a Cartman and having his ma clean his poo pan .

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I’m sure his girlfriend is happy to hear this…

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How in hell you no lifed 2.3k hrs in this no brainer game Lmao

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Adios and hope you’ll find happiness elsewhere

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